Arcane Tokens Now Available

After being inspired by Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and taking a hard look at all of our token lines, we asked ourselves a question that has been slowly marinating for years.

“How far can we push this acrylic medium into the magical?”




Fully compatible with Ashes but also aimed at pretty much every magical universe, Arcane Tokens are the answer to this question.

Magic, at its best, is about mystery. It inspires us and intrigues us because it seems so close, so possible, if only we could break through for a moment. Magic insists that there is more to life than consistent, predictable laws binding reality in a tidy little bow, and that if we just look hard enough we will discover the power that has been whispered about since the beginning of human history. That possibility is why so much of our industry revolves around magical concepts. It is the frontier that all of our imaginations have pondered since that first read of Lord of the Rings, that first playthrough of Might & Magic, that first big box Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Every Arcane Token encapsulates this kind of mystery by utilizing double-sided paint fills and fluid-yet-geometric designs that complement each other. We doubled down on the parallax concept first explored in our Data Token line by creating patterns that achieved the holographic effect regardless of the side being viewed. Because of this method, Arcane Tokens do not have a proper front or back even though there are different designs on each side – and that is pretty mysterious.




The Arcane Token Set includes Exhaustion Tokens, Damage Tokens, Status Tokens, and a First Player / Initiative Token in quantities that we tweaked to be ideal for most every type of Ashes player, but each token is also available in single packs for those who need more or who only have their eyes on a specific token.




You can find out more by visiting the Arcane Tokens page, which includes a video overview and specific details about each token. If any questions, shout at us via our Contact Page!



Huge thank you to those who purchased these at the Ashes Weekend pre-release and to Plaid Hat Games for the support! We are excited to get them out into the world and in the hands of all types of players. Be sure to let us know what you think via social or here on this blog!

More to come.

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