Ashes Weekend

When we first saw the box for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn at GenCon this year, we immediately took note and added it to our short list of titles worth serious consideration. Any company that cares enough to produce a game as stunning as Ashes – from the box, to the inserts, to the cards and components – likely cares deeply about every other facet of their business. Having already known the beauty of Summoner Wars and observing the culture of Plaid Hat Games over the past few years, we knew that this game was worth every bit of our attention.

On October 1, 2015, we officially added it to our line of supported games, began selling Ashes products, and added it to our Covenant Subscription service. We started hosting monthly Ashes tournaments at Covenant Tulsa, archiving the streams on our Watch page, and added the game to our in-store league.

And now, it is time to kick things to the next level!

Ashes Weekend is a joint event between Plaid Hat Games and Team Covenant, featuring the amazing people behind the game, early Ashes products, stunning alt arts, and exclusive prizes. It is designed for both the laid back and competitive player, with only one goal: celebrate this incredible game.


Date: April 15 – 16
Location: Covenant Tulsa
 Store Hours (5PM-11PM Friday, 10AM – 8PM Saturday)
Cost: $30
Registration: Open now, limited spots – Register on our store!

Featured Plaid Hat Guests
Isaac Vega | Lead Designer | Watch Our GenCon Interview!
Fernanda Suarez | Lead Artist | Watch Our GenCon Interview!
David Richards | Graphic Designer
Bob Klotz | Lead Playtester
Brian Beyke | Community Relations Manager

Attendance Perks
1x Alt-Art Mist Spirit (pictured below)
1x Brennen Blackcloud v. Rin Northfell signed print (pictured below)
1x Plaid Hat (for your head)
Early purchase option for both the Rin Northfell and Brennen Blackcloud expansions. We will have them in-store! They will be usable in the Saturday tournament!

Friday: The store will be filled with the great folks from Plaid Hat, who will be playing games, giving autographs, and participating in a live-streamed Q&A panel. Join us for a wonderful, chill evening with some of the best people in the business.

Saturday: All day Ashes with Plaid Hat in the house, featuring casual games all day and a big tournament (the expansions will be legal) to heat things up! Random participation prizes throughout the day include playmats, alt arts, and tokens, while tournament prizes include Top 8 alt art Bren & Rin cards, exclusive Top 8 playmats, exclusive Top 4 alt art prints, and a trophy and custom deck box for the winner. Live stream will be going strong all day on our YouTube channel!

This weekend is going to be pure fire! We cannot stress pre-registration enough. Save your spot before showing up, as we will have a (very) full house! More information to come as we get closer to the event. Special thanks to Plaid Hat and to all of the Ashes fans out there who recognize the beauty! See you in April!

Top 8 Alt Arts!


Bren & Rin Print / Playmat


Alt-Art Mist Spirit


The first expansions, available early and tournament legal!

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