Force Tokens 2

As was mentioned in the latest Covenant Templates announcement, we’ve been taking a look at our previous product lines and working hard to make them even better. We’ve had a huge amount of support for our Force Tokens, and we cannot thank each Star Wars LCG player enough for putting them on the table. Because of everyone who purchased the original sets, we’ve been able to produce the next version of our Force Tokens, and they’re more beautiful and functional than ever! Plus, if you have one of the original there’s no need to worry. You can get up to speed with very minimal effort!


Three-Damage Token – The most obvious addition to the set is a three-damage token to make your games even cleaner! This token is on a beautiful translucent orange acrylic, a color we used for its “pay attention to me” nature. At a glance, you can easily see that a card has taken four damage, with just two tokens. You’ll never miss a critical piece of damage again.

Striped Damage Tokens – In order to make things as clear as possible for both you and your opponent, we’ve included damage stripes on each damage token! There is now a single stripe on the single-damage token and three stripes on the three-damage token. When stacked together, the stripes line up, providing consistency and aesthetic satisfaction. This matters to us probably more than it should, but it was a critical piece of the upgrade!

Improved Production – We consistently get better at what we do because of your support. It has allowed us to improve our methods and equipment to provide a better product. We’ve slightly retooled the focus token and generally improved the quality of engraving on everything in the set. We’re constantly striving for more visually-pleasing and functional designs, and Force Tokens 2 are an example of this pursuit.

Easy Upgrade – If you have an original set of force tokens, you can purchase the new three-damage tokens separately! With this single purchase, you’ll be essentially caught up, and will give your Force Tokens a refreshing update. It’s almost like getting a brand new set!

Ever Forward – We are able to push Star Wars LCG forward because of each of you. Whether you’ve subscribed to our Force Pack Subscription, bought a set of Force Tokens, grabbed a few Force Packs from the store, or just watched and commented on blogs and videos, we’re extremely grateful. This is what allows us to do what we do. Aspects of “Gaming Reborn” consistently go from concept to reality, and we continue to be more ambitious with your help.

If you’d like to check out these new tokens, head on over to the Force Tokens 2 page, and if you have any questions, contact us at ¬†We couldn’t be more excited to get these out!

Love For Days,

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