New Tokens For The Holidays!

The Holiday Token tradition continues with fresh sets compatible with Star Wars: Destiny, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Star Wars: X-Wing, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, and Android: Netrunner. The latter also gets an extra special surprise – the launch of revised Data Tokens!

Holiday Tokens 2017 - Full Frame

2017 Holiday Edition Token Sets

We just love white acrylic so much. That clean, high-contrast background makes every design come to life. Throw the festive colors into the mix and it is hard to resist bringing a little holiday cheer to the table this season!

This year we focused on holiday themes that could be bundled together into full sets. Saga Tokens and Arcane Tokens get the full treatment, Mythos Tokens get a cheery Investigator Set, Data Tokens sport a new white-out Credit Set with revised designs (see below), and Squad Tokens add the only holiday-themed Shield Token that we have not done – bright santa red!

These tokens will only be available during the holiday season!

You can find out more by visiting our store, or browse directly below.

Data Tokens, Revised

We could not be more excited to announce a comprehensive update to our Data Token line. Five years on the market, Data Tokens were our first real token offering, and one of our absolute favorites. With Netrunner getting a comprehensive update of its own, we went back into the lab and optimized every line, angle, font, pattern, and arrangement on those original designs, producing a set of tokens that demonstrates how much the little things truly do matter.

Data Tokens 2.0 - Android: Netrunner

Data Tokens still carry the iconic designs that have graced thousands of Netrunner tables over the years, but like the game itself, the fundamentals have been tightened up. Line thickness is now consistent and more crisp, the angles are standardized (note the Brain Damage, Tag, and Power Token triangles), the numbers and letters are uniform, and the patterning and spacing is aesthetically improved – and mathematically perfect.

The 2-Credit and 3-Credit have flipped colors, finally, so that Green Level Clearance nets a green token and Blue Level Clearance nets a blue token. Even though the latter has rotated, Green Level Clearance in the Revised Core makes it worth the change. Similarly notable, both the Bad Publicity and Tag tokens are smaller, crisper, and more intensely parallaxed.

While nothing compares to seeing the real thing, check out this bare bones comparison of the designs. Though subtle, the overall effect of these changes looks simply phenomenal on the table. A sleek new look for a newly revitalized game.

Data Token 2.0 Comparison Chart

You can check them out in further detail on our store, or buy them directly below.

We send each of you the warmest of holiday wishes this season, and hope that each day is filled with immense happiness and great games. Thank you for all of the incredible support over the past ten years!

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