AGOT LCG: A Clash of Arms Reprint!

It’s finally here!  Again!  Fantasy Flight Games just announced that the original cycle, and very much out of print at that, A Clash of Arms, is being reprinted!

Though long anticipated and very much buzzed around, this is the first official news we’ve had to date.  And the best news of all is that it will be here VERY soon; the first quarter of 2013!

Team Covenant will be taking pre-orders immediately!  You can find all of the chapter packs from this cycle here!  

A special note, that because this is a reprinted cycle, subscribers will not receive these packs as part of their subscriptions but will continue to get the latest regularly released chapter packs.

And as always your purchases and support through our store support everything we do here at Team Covenant to keep providing great content and pushing forward with Gaming Reborn!

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  1. Can’t describe how excited I am to see this. Now that most of the Fury plots are unrestricted in Melee and the sudden popularity of Epic Battles… we are going to see some interesting times ahead.

    Plus, like Nathan said an unbanned Jaqen!! And an unbanned Compelled by the Rock. Wonder what they’re going to change on those cards that will pull them from the banned list.

  2. Honestly, nothing at all should change on Compelled by the Rock. The card was banned purely on flavor reasons. I can name a half a dozen cards that could be banned for that reason. It should have just been taken off the list. Especially when Maesters became a problem.

  3. I don’t know… the ability to steal an attachment at no cost makes most attachments unplayable. And we are already talking about the most fragile kind of card you can play in a deck. I actually read your statement as sarcasm at first because I was that surprised anyone could hold that opinion.

    It’s one thing to see the opponent play a card and “trade” cards — quite another to see the opponent suddenly control your card. TMP has nothing on what the son-to-be-moot version of this card does to the environment without some kind of check. If it comes back in “as is”, Lannister is being handed a very powerful meta-control tool. And the game will be less fun for it.

  4. @Theorist: That’s fine. If they can’t handle newbies having access to the same card pool that they have that is their problem. I enjoy playing against top tier decks and I do not want to win just because I’ve been lucky enough to get some cards that others might not have access to.

  5. I share your POV there, Joshua. It’s one of the best things about an LCG (when properly done), and personally I’m very happy to see old strong card see reprint. The worst thing a game can do is print a really great card and only give it to a small portion of the player base.

  6. Oh, it would still be an extremely strong card, and possibly would need to go on the restricted list, but it is still a one shot effect that can be canceled by Paper Shield. Do you see Kraznys Mo Nakloz as having such an overpowering effect as an unbanned but otherwise un-errata’ed Compelled by the Rock?

  7. Kraznys is actually a pretty absurd card too. However, a deck looking to neutralize him has a ton of options — even a good old fashioned MIL push to get him killed off could do the job. There are lots of ally hate cards, like Dissension. Once he’s dead it takes Maegi’s Promise to make him a threat again… a broadcasted play. There’s also the point that you are paying 3 gold for Kraznys and whatever the attachment costs to steal it with his ability… on top of the “make it summer” qualifier on the whole deal.

    Compelled by the Rock is up to three covert threats to steal. All you need is a card in hand, any unknown card at all. Yes, Paper Shield answers. But there are far fewer counters to events than there are to characters, only so many Paper Shields to go around. It operates resources free with no qualifier. Really the only thing here is that you don’t get a character out of the deal (Kraznys).

    There’s no contest concerning which card is vastly stronger (at least versus that first attachment… Kraznys could steal a slew of chains).

    Are you saying the existence of Krazys doesn’t make attachments a really questionable include when facing Targ? (or anyone willing to pay 4 gold for him)

    Are you saying that giving a second house that kind of meta hate capability would not change the viability of “hoping you don’t face attachment stealing” as a weakness you can accept in a deck?

    I am of the opinion that neither Kraznys nor Compelled by the Rock should have been printed.

    Attachments carry with them an inherent risk should the character with them die or be discarded from play — the loss of two cards instead of one. If the character is bounced, they lose a card instead of just tempo. Disabling “aggro” attachments go from nerfing your stuff to nerfing theirs… which can be nearly as good as killing 2 characters in effect.

    I don’t even like characters that discard an attachment when they come into play — that’s already a 2 for 1 deal and kind of a lame thing to be doing against the most vulnerable type of card. I’m fine with things like Newly Made Lord — power icon only vs the least needed type of card. But attachments?