Netrunner LCG: A Study in Static

Howdy folks,

Just got word earlier today that the fourth data pack for Netrunner, A Study in Static, has been announced!

We’re already taking pre-orders for this data pack, wich will be out late next quarter!  And of course, all of our current and soon to be subscribers (hint, hint) will get this handsome pack delivered right to their front door as soon as it’s released!

You can catch the full preview for this pack here.

Take care,

  1. I like the ‘secretly spend 0, 1, or 2 credits’ mechanic. That’s a clever way to bring back the overt bluffing/gambling aspect of Traces from the original despite the (much better) new Trace rules.

  2. Not to mention bullfrog saying “hey, I know you were just about to score this agenda, and spent all your credits doing it, but guess what? We’re gonna move you over here to this project junebug or snare! and just ruin your whole damn day.”