A circular X-Wing play mat?

I suppose that practicing on a 3′ x 3′ (and, as someone elsewhere on the web noted, why isn’t the playing field in mm like everything else?) would be beneficial if I ever enter a tournament. Living in Martin, TN, what are the chances that I’ll ever competitively play X-Wing? Slim to none, unless maybe there’a a MonCon next Spring that incorporates other games into it (or vice versa). That gives me a little bit of freedom with the dimensions of the play mat. Why would I want to alter it?

Here’s our coffee table:

Stumpo coffee table
I love this table

It’s 38″ in diameter. Our kitchen table is just big enough to fit a 3′ x 3′ playing surface, but the coffee table is inspiring. I took about five minutes (which could probably be done in even less, but I’m still getting used to Pixelmator) and drew this up:

NGC 1275 courtesy of NASA and the Hubble Telescope

It’s obviously not tournament-legal, but I think it could be a fascinating place to play. I’ve laid it out to fit the dimensions of the table. The smooth outer ring of the table is 4″ wide, leaving 30″ for the diameter of the playing field. I’ve marked off Range 1 and 2 with faded interior circles. The idea would be to print this, trim it, and lay it down in the center of the coffee table.

I’m looking for general feedback. On the one hand, it seriously condenses my playing area. Ships are going to be upon each other in a lot less time than normal here, possibly Turn 1 if they start in a “corner.” On the other, I’m not exactly going to miss the right-angle corners, since turning is done in an arc anyway. There must be considerations I’m missing here, but I wanted to toss this out as a thought. I may end up scrapping it and printing a regular 3′ by 3′ for the kitchen table, but it’s fun to at least entertain this irregular playing field.