Confessions of a Dodo

Well Boss, that didn't go so well did it?

I have a confession to make

Prior to stepping into the ring with Mr Kinney last night (this morning), I hadn’t used a B-Wing before.

A little silly I know, but my Vassal practice games fell through and the UK only got it’s 3rd Wave stuff yesterday! Oh well, c’est la vie!

Anyways – I’d like to share some of my thoughts going into the game, findings from flying the B-Wings, and point out some of the places where I broke these and it went wrong!

For reference, my list is: Biggs Backup
Hothie’s is: Fettigator Boys
and the game log is: Dodo vs Hothie 

General thoughts going into the game

Going into the game, I was not sure what to expect. Obviously I knew Doug was a world class player, and I’ve only really played against my mates (we got into X-Wing a little too late to get to the Kessel Run and other tournaments). Also, as I hadn’t played with any of the wave 3 stuff, I wasn’t sure what to expect from his list.

Mauler, Yorr and Boba all offered something different, and I’ll be honest I didn’t see much synergy – Yorr would take the stress if Boba barrel rolled, but beyond that they were kind of all independent pieces. I did think that hothie was going to have trouble flying the two large base ships in formation, and I placed the asteroids to ensure that would be the case. My plan for the early game was to try and take out Yorr before he got the chance to shoot for a second time (as all my ships were shooting before him, and with 2 HLCs and Biggs I didn’t think that was an unreasonable ask). This was assuming that I wouldn’t able to get a shot on Mauler with both HLCs, if that was possible I’d aim for that instead, as Mauler was going to be a royal pain later in the game.

First Mistakes
So you know when I said I had a plan earlier? “Go slow”, “try and get both HLCs on Mauler if possible”, yeah those almost immediately went out of the window (I just forgot about them). Admittedly, going slow is difficult when you’re against a couple of big ships (as “slow” for big ships is 3’s for smalls!), but still.I will say that I did have my first B-Wing surprise just prior to this – my plan was to do some sharp turns to line the B-Wings up on the edge of range 3 (that go slow tactic), however I subsequently realised that the B-Wing doesn’t even have a 3 turn – bollocks! As a result, I ended up performing 2 banks to line up, resulting in being in the middle of range 3, rather than on the edge.
Ignore Biggs crashed into the B-Wing here... it was 5am!

So we find ourselves in this position here:

So from here, the logical plan to go slow would mean straight 1s, which would have been absolutely fine, and would have meant another round of range 1 shooting on Yorr, which would have resulted in him dying, and saving me from another crit courtesy of Mr Vader.

Alas it was not to be, and I charged forward with some straight 3’s, while this did mean I blocked Yorr (and left Boba with nothing to do except fly into Yorr), this also meant only Biggs had shots on Yorr, and he was left down to 3 hull (this would later come back to bite me!). Admittedly this was not the end of the world, as Yorr was pretty much out of the fight now (no K-Turn), but this now left me in quite a large pickle!

So about that large pickle...

Advanced Sensors to the Rescue!
So, as I said – I was in a large pickle of my own making here, and the ugly B-wing surprise reared it’s ugly head – I had no hard 3 with which to escape this. Kudos to Hothie here – the double stacking of the large base ships was entirely intentional, he said as much when we were playing. The B-wing really does struggle to get out sideways, and this problem is compounded by flying in formation (where you need a 3 and a 1 turn to stay in formation – something the B-Wing can’t do).

Let me say this right now – without Advanced Sensors, one of my B-Wings would have ended up stuck, and would probably have ended up dead/severely damaged.

This turn was essentially the whole reason I wanted to write up this battle report – as it really hit it home to me how good advanced sensors are. When you look at the B-wing dial, it really struggles with moving to extremes. These problems are made exponentially worse when you fly it around in formation. Advanced sensors offers you a solution to this problem, in addition to letting you perform actions when you perform stressful manoeuvres – for that reason, I’ll probably never take a B-Wing without it!

Final Thoughts
The FCS vs Advanced sensors argument is an interesting one, but for this game it really hit home to me that on B-Wings (especially HLC B-Wings), Advanced Sensors is superior. No opponent is going to let you sit there and just blast away with a TL+F HLC, they’ll try and get out of arc or they’ll ram you, so the FCS is really of limited use.

Another thing I’ve been thinking is that while on X-Wings and Ties, Focus is the standard action I reckon that Target Lock is probably the default action I’ll be taking on the B-Wings. Focusing for defence on B-Wings is just not clever – and those target locks persisting is just fantastic. No one likes a TL+F HLC, it hurts!

@hothie – What are your findings with the HLC on the shuttle? It didn’t have very much impact on the game, you maybe got to shoot it twice? If that? I’m wondering if it may be better off being Assault Missiles and a Seismic charge for Boba.

So what did I learn from this game? Quite a few things actually – I just wish I’d been able to get a practice game or two in, I felt this game would have been quite different if I hadn’t made a couple of the earlier mistakes, I got away with crashing Biggs into the back of his B-Wing buddies… twice, but the rest of my mistakes were capitalised on quite well.

  • Know your ships! (Or rather, know their dials!)
  • Stick to the plan! This is a simple one, have a plan at the start of the game, and do your best to stick to it!
  • Establish target priority – What do you want dead and when?
  • Think several turns ahead
  • Captain Yorr is adrenaline rush in disguise
  • Darth Vader truly is a fantastic card
  • I am skeptical of HLCs on the large base ships, they’re just too damned fast!