Exclusive Privateer Press Interview

I was fortunate enough to get to travel to San Diego for the Monsterpocapalooza Masters event. I was also fortunate enough to get a sit down interview with Will Schick (Marketing) and DC (Playtest Coordinator / OP manager) of Privateer Press. Sadly, the audio from the interview was damaged during my travel back to the great state of Oklahoma, so I had to ask if they would join me on the podcast.

Although I am sad that the video interview didn’t come through, I got in to a lot more detail in this podcast. You’ll hear them answering questions about Monsterpocalypse Now, Set 5, tournaments, the future of Monsterpocalypse, future monsters and abilities, a host of other topics, and of course the epic ice cream eating contest between DC and myself.

Be sure to tune in to stay up to date on all things Monsterpocalypse. If you enjoyed this podcast, you can find all of our others ones sprinkled across our site or you can visit our iTunes page.

  1. I’m interested in the training regimen required as preparation for the Mile High Ice Cream Pie challenge. Please keep us informed as you prepare for that event.

  2. There’s no way to include everything that is in the podcast.

    Sure there is, it’s called a transcript. No, I’m not volunteering to write it up, I’m just saying. πŸ˜›

    Also, some other podcasts I’ve followed offer “show notes” to cover the highlights with little one or two sentence summaries. It would at least give people the gist of it if they have trouble hearing it for whatever reason.

    @Chivenger, do you use iTunes at all? That’s how I’ve been listening to it, though that does require the downloading which may have been your issue in the first place.

  3. Very slow connection at home, and don’t have the time to download it at work. No, not asking for a transcript. But a few bullet points would help the technologically challenged among us. And would save me the half hour it would take to listen.

  4. Yeah… I miss Ken to. Hopefully we can get back to a regular recording time. Due to Faction Packs, San Diego, and the availability of the interview, we were fortunate to get this up in such good time. Hopefully Ken will be back again in the next episode or two.

  5. Nice interview. Enjoyed hearing on several occassions how DC and Will feel that MP is the type of game that fosters a community feel, and that they along with the player base take pride in building relationships. The players are there to be competitive, but have fun.

    If I’m correct, I believe the Mile High Pie was a reference to an ice cream pie they serve at Champs. My wife’s favorite when we go there here in Chicago. Good luck training for that sucker, it is HUGE!

  6. @Ice Dragon – The best thing about it is that it’s absolutely true. Being at GenCon and San Diego has lead me to love the atmosphere surrounding Monsterpocalypse events. I can’t wait for more in the future. I honestly just like having a great weekend with everyone from players to Privateer.

  7. @ChiVenger: Well, I’m going off memory here but quick notes:

    -PP reps felt the Monsterpocapalooza event went well, one thought Mantacon would win, the other thought Incineros would win.

    -They were surprised to see so many Anglixes at the SoCal event because they feel she’s a sleek monster. They also think King Kondo is a sleek monster and are looking to make more sleek monsters (one where it is more strong by bringing new potential to the table rather than simple stats): One of the next Elemental Champ monsters will be Pedestrian and have a low defense but will have an interesting ability set that they feel will offset this.

    -They were happy to see people mixing factions at the event.

    -Subterran monster names are actually in the format of “What Humans Call them” – “What Subterrans Call Them”

    -No future installation will be as powerful as the Tower of Corruption

    -Voltron pack will be a 2-player kit that includes the BBEG’s combiner robot from the Voltron, Defenders of the Universe movie. These will be competetive but they don’t feel either are top-tier.

  8. Levy: I just feel like we’ve seen a lot of movies about newlyweds and couples who hate each other, but the truth more often than not is couples love each other but are just worn down by the get things done of everyday life. I hadn’t seen a realistic portrait of a couple who is not in crisis but is not vibrant anymore. They need to kind of wake up and see each other afresh and appreciate what they have. That was very important to me and to Steve and Tina. The fact that that comes through in the midst of all the comedy is one of the most ratifying things that I’m hearing from people who have seen it.