GenCon 2012: Spoils Motherlode!

Dang!  The Spoils is KILLING IT!  Seed 3 dropped earlier this year and a new cycle begins before the year is out.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they spoiled some new cards at GenCon?  Well you’re right, but you’ll have to tune in to see them!  Also, Will goes over the current Spoils resurgence and the amazing reaction from the GenCon crowd.  Daaaaang I love the Spoils!




  1. Society of Magical Propriety and the Lugubrian whatever something etc of Marduun both look like possible new factions.

    Totally called “whenever you can play a tactic” as the new keyword. The new cards spoiled sound great, and the new art shown looks awesome. Can’t wait to see what the ninja does.

    The last card shown in the art book is actually Time Portal. Unless there was once an alternate art tournament faction that for some reason had the same art?

    Pretty pumped about Shade.

    (Oh, and for some reason, before posting this, it says 2 comments and shows only 1.)