Is It Good to Be King?

It’s the morning before the big Masters event in San Diego, California. We will be headed to Artifex in a few hours and all the excitement will commence. There was a poll earlier this week asking for your opinion on what monster I should take. As I look at it right now the poll is more than 2-1 in favor of my using Kondo. From this poll I gather that the vast majority of you are really wanting to see what Kondo can do in a high level tournament. To be honest, I’m curious as well.

However, I also know that I am better prepared to play Gakura. I know the map better. I know the buildings better. I know the monster better. Overall, I’m just more comfortable with that monster. Yet, this isn’t necessarily about my comfort, now is it?

So what will it be? I’ve flown all the way out to San Diego to play in this event. I’m not going to let this golden opportunity pass me up. I have officially decided to play King Kondo / Quantum King Kondo. I will be recording all of my games from the masters event for commentary. We will also be recording the finals of the masters event, to bring the excitement to your computer screens.

Know that I am doing this partially for the community at large as well as my own curiosity. Can Quantum King Kondo compete? We’re about to find out. Further, because all of my games are going to be recorded and posted I am going to anxiously await the feedback of the community at large. These should be battle reports unlike any that we have published yet.

Stay tuned for more intense action and follow me on twitter here.

  1. Great to hear you’re going to give King Kondo (or Mongo Kongo as the local game store calls him) a spin.

    Am really looking forward to the battle reports. How long will we have to wait until they are up? Is there any way you can make them really high quality? I have good i-net providers and would love to download some nice battle reps (with commentary hopefully) to help promote the game around here (Austria)

  2. Thanks for using Quantum King Kondo. I have a feeling he will be competitive and the data you are able to collect for your own purposes as well as for the community will be quite worth it. Best of luck.

  3. Working on another blog right now to let you guys in on what happened yesterday. Was going to post last night, but after you see the blog you’ll know why I didn’t. Going to get this one up before I hit the air port in a bit.