MonCon 2010: Hotel and Prizes

Instead of sending everyone an email with information on how to book their hotel for MonCon, we decided to go ahead and put the information on the site to make it easily accessible. The process is actually very simple. You can just go here to book your hotel. When the option for a group code comes up, simply enter the code MON and it will give you the rate of $85 even if you pile 4 people into a double queen room.Β If you have any issues, you can contact us or you can post here and we will get it worked out.

Registration for MonCon is coming along very well and we are already going to have a crowd of Monsterpocalypse players at the event. On Friday at midnight the price of registration goes up to $40 so if you are planning on registering I would highly recommend doing so now. Another benefit to registering before Friday Β are some special offerings that you won’t get otherwise.


Wait… there are prizes involved? Indeed there are! There are going to be Masters pennants for the top 3 finishers in the main event and tons of other prizes for showing up and tons given out as random awards. At this point you should be salivating. If not, reread the word tons. We’re actually going to be shooting a special edition of the podcast this evening that will either go up late in the night or early tomorrow morning. In the podcast, we will be discussing in further detail:

– Prizing for MonCon
– Series 5
– Faction Packs
– MonCon in General

If you haven’t already subscribed to the podcast, you can see our iTunes page here. Stay tuned as we continue to update you on the happenings that will occur at MonCon and the loot that you are going to be stuffing into your suit cases on your trek back home!


  1. Agreed. A big part of why we chose this hotel is because it offered free breakfast, free internet, and free parking (which the other hotels we were looking at did not). Pretty solid when you think that it covers 2 meals for every person in each room.