MonCon 2013 Roll Call & Planning

Hey, everybody. So MonCon is only two weeks away. I know I’m super-excited to be heading back to Tulsa to hang out with the greatest gamers ever. I know a few of you with whom I speak fairly regularly are coming but if you are coming officially sound off in the comments below and I’ll update the list accordingly.

Last Updated: 17-May-2013

People Definitely Coming

  • The TC Crew (Duh)
  • Spazz & Wappy (arriving Thursday @ 4:15 PM)
  • Tekkactus (arriving Friday @ 12:00 PM)
  • mrfroggies (arriving Thursday @ 8:30 PM)
  • Bilal “Mr. Wonderful” Muhammad
  • Spence “The Fence” & Evan “Iron Crab” Pasero (arriving Thursday afternoon)
  • Eric “E-Money” Huffman & Xander “Cthulabite Bread is my Homeboy” Huffman
  • Robert “I don’t own the restaurant” Portillo & Austin Portillo
  • Louis “Sinister Minister” Brenton, Israel “Flex Dispersal” Brenton, and Gabe “82%” Brenton

People Thought To Be Coming

  • Josh Gremillion
  • Jeremy Gremillion

I also thought it would be good for people to post when they plan on hitting town. Spazz and I are scheduled to be arriving at the Tulsa airport at 4:15 PM on Thursday. The plan is to get checked in and head over to the TC Store right away. At least that’s my plan… Spazz may wind up chasing birds or going straight to Chick Fil-A.

Lastly, I thought it might help to mention what other games we’re bringing to MonCon for after-hours gaming. That way, if someone is bringing a game that you were thinking of bringing you won’t have to haul it across the continent for no reason. Post in the comments or PM me and I’ll add to & edit the list as required.

Games Being Brought (and by whom)

* These games are of the sort where, like MonPoc, each player needs to bring his own squad/deck/etc.