Monsterpocalypse Faction Packs – Pre-order Now!

Due to the insane amount of you that somehow failed to order a faction pack and are desperately wishing you would have, we are giving you another chance! You are going to no longer be left out. You now have the opportunity to get everything you need for a given faction for one, low price. There are a few important differences in these faction packs.

Important Differences

1. Price – the first time around these faction packs were $20. Although we would love to continue offering them at $20, we simply can’t at this point. So we had to raise the price to $29.97, except on the Apes and Elementals. Those had to go to $34.97. However, we did lower the price of 3 random buildings and a set of 9 to $14.97 and $39.97 respectively..
2. Commons – Due to the distribution of this set, we had to change the format just a bit. Faction packs now include 3 of each common.
3. Rare + Building – Because we had to take away some commons from these faction packs, we are going to include 1 random rare from the faction you are ordering + 1 random building from Monsterpocalypse Now
4. Order Window – We are going to allow pre-orders until November 8th. At that point faction packs will be going offline again. All pre-orders should ship on Wednesday, November 11th. That means they will be arriving on the 13th or 14th for those of you in the U.S.
5. Surprises –  We’re still working on this. We will be including random surprises in these faction packs, including Mega King Kondo’s. We are working on some other goodies that might include: Quantum King Kondo, Mega Yasheth, Mega Metal Cyber Khan, Other promo’s, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Go here and get your faction pack on.

  1. Darn, I ordered mine before this post went up and was hoping it’d get here before the weekend. On the other hand, I may now be able to order some more once I get paid Friday.

    Maybe you guys could have people put these faction packs on their wish lists to give you a rough estimate on how many would like to have them.

  2. Faction packs sound great, but what the heck is included in each pack? Is it just 3 commons 1 rare and a building. If so, $29.97 is a bit steep. If there is more to it, can someone post a link? I’d love to pre-order, but I’m not planning on pre-ordering without knowing what is included (in terms of how many total figures and distribution of common, uncommon, and rare).

  3. By my count, it’s 14 figures:

    6 commons (3 each of 2 grunts)
    4 uncommon (2 each of 2 uniques)
    3 rares (1 each of 2 elites, plus 1 more random one)
    1 random building
    14 Total Figures (for 1 very reasonable price!)

  4. Lightside is correct. It also explains this on the page where you can order them. The only difference between the new faction packs and the old is that you lose 2 commons and get 1 more Rare and a building instead. Hardly a bad deal, by my reckoning.

  5. Ok, I just put in a 2nd preorder…

    Is there any chance I can get both orders shipped together? Or since I ordered 1 faction pack and 1 monster in both orders, can I get my monsters now for 1 shipping and then get both faction packs later with the 2nd shipping?

    (I know it’s only a couple of bucks but… you know that’s like 40 packs of ramen noodles)

  6. Thanks lightside for clearing that up for me! So, I was just about to place my pre-order today, but it looks like the prices have been raised again(?) from $29.97 to $34.97 and $39.97! Whoa. Is this just a glitch or is this for real?

  7. That’s no glitch. These packs are selling fast. They were out of stock earlier today and we had to raise the price a bit when we put them back in stock. Be quick though, these have continued to sell fast.