What you Need in a Monsterpocalypse Now Starter!

As we have talked and met with a lot of customers who have been ordering our faction packs, we have found that there are a lot of players who are using them to get into Monsterpocalypse. While it is the best price point for new players to enter the game at, there were some inherent issues with this being their entry into this joy-ride of a game:

The Issues

1. Lack of Starter materials, ie dice, rulebook, map, etc.
2. Lack of a monster in the faction pack
3. Lack of buildings in the faction pack

One thing we switched in the latest incarnation of the faction packs was the inclusion of a building. While this wouldn’t fill a map, it would get a player started. Yet this didn’t address the first two issues. Problem 2 was somewhat solved simply because you could order monsters from the faction you wanted for less than buying a random Monster booster. Not too big of an issue.

But this left one other beast that we struggled to tackle… number 1. For a while we slept at night with the idea that players could technically print off everything except a map and dice. They could order the monster q-dice from us, so all they really needed was a map. We thought about getting map packs and selling random maps to go along with orders. Then, one night it just hit me.

The Solution

Why not include an upgrade option to the starter? We could charge a few bucks and instead of them having to order a starter and get a monster they don’t want, we can remove the randomness and they get exactly what they need!

So, on the faction pack page on our store there is now an option under the starter called ‘replace monster in starter’. If a player orders a starter and this option and a faction pack, we will replace the monster in the starter with a monster from the faction and set of the faction pack. This solved all of our problems!

Now a player can order a faction pack for $34.97 or $39.97 + a starter for $19.97 + the upgrade option for $5.97 and the total comes to $60.91 + shipping.

This Arrives at Your Doorstep in One, Easy to Open Package

1 x Alpha and Ultra of a Monster of a chosen faction
13 x Units of a faction of choice
4 x Units from the starter (who doesn’t want to splash a fire kami, seriously)
3 x Buildings
1 x All starter materials

This is, without a doubt, the best possible entry into Monsterpocalypse a player could ask for. This is like a starter on steroids. Oh wait, that’s just what it is. So now when you are going to introduce a player to this game, you can load them up with this set up and they can have a fair shot at competing at the next local tournament.

So, when you are ready to start this thrill-ride… just go here, place your order, and we’ll take care of the rest.