Saying Farewell to the Rebels – A Store Championship Tale

On March 9, my FLGS held its Store Championship and for months I have been testing and tweaking the list I wanted to bring.

As detailed in my earlier post,  the previous tournament I attended was the Nordic Championship (hosted by the same FLGS) in which I finished seventh and won some really nice movement templates.



I decided that the next tournament squad I’d fly was to be Imperial!

I really like the Lambda and the thought of combining it with some nice TIE Bombers appealed something aweful to me. Unfortunately, none of the builds I tested, tweaked, and tested again worked for me. The ordnance heavy ones (with the hit or miss alpha strikes) always were misses for me. Next up I took to trying the Proton Bombs or the Seismic Charges with a few missiles – again the hit or miss weapons came up huge misses. You can even hear Mr. Froggies “tear apart” one of my Bomber lists on The Scum and Villainy Podcast.

With time before the tournament running down, I decided to switch back to my comfort zone again (just as I did before the Nordic Championship). With the success of the Advanced Sensor B-Wings I decided to run the following:

Dagger Squadron Pilot (24)
Advanced Sensors (3)

Dagger Squadron Pilot (24)
Advanced Sensors (3)

Red Squadron Pilot (23)

Gold Squadron Pilot (18)
Ion Cannon Turret (5)



Store Championship Day!

Ten people showed up for the tournament. Almost all of them were in my regular play group, which meant the competition would be tough. Among the players were Mårten (the reigning Nordic Chamoion), Mattias (the Nordic runner-up), and Krisoffer (who finishd top 4 at the Nordics).

We would play four games of Swiss and then the top two would face off in the finals.



  • In my first game I was up against Kyle Katarn (with Moldy CrowRecon Specialist, and Blaster Turret)  and Garven Dreiss, doing their Focus shenanigans aided by a Blue Squadron B-Wing and a Rookie X-Wing. It came down to Kyle versus one of my B-Wings and I failed to roll the hits needed to take out Kyle over three turns while he finally destroyed my B-Wing in the fourth round of 1 on 1 dogfighting.

Result: Match Loss for a 0-1 record so far.

  • Losing my first game got me paired against a rather new player whom I hadn’t played before. He fielded a Bounty Hunter with Ion Cannon and Homing Missiles; Turr Phennir with Expert Handling; and Maarek Stele with Cluster Missiles. His inexperience in maneuvering the large Firespray showed immediately as he got the Bounty Hunter stuck on an asteroid, where I promptly removed its shields. Next turn it suffered a Blinded Pilot Crit, followed by another Blinded Pilot Crit in the following round.  Finally, the Bounty Hunter exploded without having fired a single shot. After that, I had no trouble hunting down Maarek and Turr without losing a single ship.

Result: Match Win for a 1-1 record so far.

  • Next up was Wedge with R2-D2 and Stealth DeviceKyle with Moldy Crow, Recon Specialist, and Blaster Turret; and Biggs with R2-F2 and Stealth Device. This game went very much the same way as the first one, ending with my X-Wing going one on one against Kyle. This time, however, I managed to take down HWK and got a full match win.

Result: Match Win for a 2-1 record so far.

  • In the final round of Swiss, I was paired against Jendon with ST-321 and Advanced Sensors; Jonus with Concussion Missiles; and two Scimitar Bombers with Assault Missiles.This game was more a game of maneuvering than all the others before put together. I managed to get both Scimitars down to one hull but each one managed to peel of and stay out of my arcs while I lost one B-Wing and the X-Wing. My Y-Wing kept Jonus under control by Ioning him while my B-Wing hunted down both stray Bombers. Unfortunately time was called before I could remove Jonus’ remaining two Hull points and I was defeated 50-42.

Result: Match Loss for a 2-2 record.

Had I won the last game I would have reached the Final as the score in the top was:

  1. 20 points (Mattias, the runner-up in last year’s Nordic Championship)
  2. 13 points (my opponent in my last game)
  3. 11 points (Kristoffer, top 4 in last year’s Nordic Championship)
  4. 11 points (Mårten, last year’s Nordic Champion)
  5. 10 points (me and a few others)

Moving on…

After my second tournament (both as Rebel) I have now decided that I MUST learn to play the Imperial side. So for my first squad to test I have turned my eyes on the soon to be released Imperial Aces.

The first list to try will be:

Turr Phennir (25)
Push the Limit (3)
Royal Guard TIE (0)
Stealth Device (3)
Shield Upgrade (4)

5 x Obsidian Squadron Pilots (65)

Through this squad I will hopefully learn how to maneuver a TIE swarm as well as how to best use an Interceptor as a flanker (as detailed in Theorist’s excellent strategy article).

I decided to leave Howlrunner out of the list to ease myself into swarm flying without having to worry about keeping my TIEs within her reach.

I’m also somewhat unsure about using Push the Limit on Turr as Stress disables his Pilot ability, but that is something that playing the squad will show. Hopefully I can use PTL when he needs both Focus and Evade, and his Pilot ability when going on the offensive to roll/boost out of enemy arcs. The option would probably be to give him Veteran Instincts instead and upgrade one of the TIEs to Night Beast.

Happy Gaming!