The Monsterpocapalooza Now Release Event

After getting to artifex and realizing that we had a solid amount of free time, we decided to hit up In and Out (never been to one). We headed back to the venue and eagerly awaited the start of the event.

I had the pleasure of meeting with a lot of wonderful Monsterpocalypse players as well as the workers at Artifex. Overall, I was loving the amazing weather and air in California and the forthcoming day of gaming.

[tab:The Beginning]



One of the first set of Monsterpocalypse players that I met was Christy and Bren (seen above). When I first arrived she was drawing on his arm. None of us thought it would turn out that good! Click on the pic to see it full sized.


A little bit later Will Schick and DC from Privateer showed up with goodies and pure excitement. In fact, you can see Will about to break it down in the pic above.


Players started gathering round to see the banners and Metal Mega Cyber Khan (featured above).


The first round of play commenced and I didn’t get a pic until very near the end of the round as I was busy playing a very tough opponent.



The pizza (provided by Privateer) arrived after the first round of play. It was awesome talking to Monsterpocalypse players over pizza.


During the pizza down-time, I met Joe and his girlfriend. Joe actually got into the game by finding our podcast on iTunes (awesome, right?). He found out I had a Quantum Kondo and got really excited. He asked if he could see it. I then told him he could hold it and this above is what happened. You can see his girlfriend looking at him in the background.


Above you can see young Joey (blonde hair), teaching Tamaki some lessons. Seriously, he was showing her how to beat him.

[tab:The Middle]


Then the real fun began. Players gathered round and DC started the ‘quiz’ for prizes. (I’ll be posting the quiz later this week to see how you guys do). Prizes included shirts, signed posters, glass and shadow units, and more random monsterpocalypse goodness.


DC goes to ask the first question… ‘In Monsterpocalypse, the Empire of the Apes come from what, African Jungle?’ Immediately I shout, ‘The Congo!’ So I won a signed, ICNY poster.


The players huddled in close, trying to win shirts and posters. I have to admit, the first question was the only one I actually knew for sure.


A few hours later it was time to announce the champion of the second, Monsterpocalypse Masters event. And the winner is…


T.J. Reyes! Congrats T.J. on taking over the throne of the Monsterpocalypse Master!

[tab:The End]


After all was said and done, I was just getting started. You can see DC above signing my Quantum King Kondo, which he promised would be the only one he ever signed. In between events I found out that he had the initial idea of a Quantum monster. In a meeting he said ‘What if monsters went Quantum’. Matt Wilson responds, ‘That sounds great. Let’s do it’. DC responds, ‘But what does it do!’

After getting my Quantum form signed, I sat down for an interview with DC and Will (coming next week). Then some of us decided to hit up a Denny’s across the street for some dessert.


Let me explain the above. As we sat down, I started flipping through the promoted desserts. I looked at Will and DC and said, ‘I’m stuck between these two’. One was an Oreo Shake and one was an Oreo Sunday. DC responds, ‘How about both? I’ll challenge you to it’.

So, knowing that I only get challenged by DC a few times a year, I accepted. We ordered the same thing, except he had chocolate ice cream in both.


What the rules were to the challenge I’m not sure, but I can say after finishing both and dumping the silver container into the sunday cup, I was feeling it pretty heavy.


Apparently DC isn’t human, he’s a monster. He demolished the three containers. Although I got down to the chocolate sludge in the bottom of my Sunday and bowed out, I’m curious as to how he slept that night. Their plane left early this morning, so I’m also wondering how he looked earlier today.


We got back to Kevins and I sprawled out my prizes (Mega Gakura not pictured). You can see my Metal Mega Cyber Khan, Mega Yasheth, glass and shadow units, the quiz, a signed monsterpocalypse poster, and my signed Quantum Kondo. At this point it was late and I was ready for bed.

Now I have to go finish packing so I can head back to Oklahoma. Be sure and look for the exclusive interview next week along with video of my games and Quantum Kondo.

  1. The master won with Incineris. It was Incineris v Mantacon in the finale. I got 4th.

    There were supposed to be 4 rounds, but it was cut to 3. So the ‘finals’ weren’t apparent until towards the end of the third round.

  2. I’m really, really, really surprised that Incinerus beat Mantacon. I must hear more about it.

    These are all awesome pictures too. Looks like another case of incredible people playing Monpoc!

  3. I’m also surprised that Incinerus beat Mantacon. It is almost like Paper beating Scissors. I’m a fan of Elemental Champions don’t get me wrong. I would have found it easier to believe that Aquosia beat Mantacon. I’m going to guess Ultra Mantacon fell early?

  4. Incenerous is really good. He has several nice tricks:

    1) 2 blast dmg a turn – hit enemy screen with both explosion and radial attack.
    2) hazardous body slams – almost, he can ignite a no hazard tile when he body slams
    3) Screen denial – He can ignite screens standing on rubble.

    He can play in two different styles as he can play running attrition or aggressive power attacker and has the units to support either way.

    Most of all, 7 and 8 movement with flight…This is so big within the environment within which they were playing. The only monsters that are comparably fast with a movement ability in Now are Mantacon and Cyber Khan.

    I’ve left Incenerous alone as I honestly think he’s an inferior Cyber Khan as his units just aren’t nearly as good. That and one of our people here likes Aquosia a lot, but I do feel Incenerous is superior. But if you were to ask about him this past week you would have heard me geeking about Incinerous and Gakura…(Macross for Vassal has been today).

    In closing, Incenerous is no Rakadon :). He’s a faster Tharsis in an environment of Rakadons.

  5. Zach,

    It seems like I saw you as the short haired blond guy in the Master’s finals coverage.

    And here it appears you are a long haired brunette.

    Are you both? Either? A morpher?

  6. Let’s see you’ve got Ken Jenkins (intense, relly short hair, ripped), myself (blondish hair and beard), Zach (the dude above with DC), Tim (the opening of the burning building video), my brother (also blond, don’t think he was on camera)…

    And when we hyper up we turn into Team Covetron, shooting content everywhere.

  7. I selected the Elementals as my faction of choice from Now! a while back and on the release of the stats from said set I quickly deemed Incinerus to be the best of the set, though perhaps second to Gakura.

    I’m quite confident in using him to win out over most any opponent from Now!

    And Will, putting Incinerus in even the same sentence as Rakadon is a disservice. 🙂

  8. Yeah, Incinerus is absolutely beastly. He’s capable of dealing a ton of damage on his own, and has the only unit capable of dealing a point of damage to a monster with a single a-die.
    I’m well prepared to say that he may be the best monster from Now!. His armor value, immense movement, hazardous and ignite all combine to make him a seriously tough customer.
    I’m gunning for him, though… I’ll see what I can come up with

  9. Incinerus is good, but he’s definitely got weaknesses, the biggest of which would be a Martian army loaded down with Radiation Hazards. It takes away his greatest strength, being immune to fire. Def 6 is not the most spectacular either, and with only 5 HP in either form and no healing, he is not invincible.

    That said, WOOH! Incinerus for the win!

    Congrats to Zach too for coming in 4th. Sounds like you did well, and you lucky dog, you got a darn Mega Yasheth! I wish I had one of them…

    I’m curious about a few things though. How many people participated in the tournament? Also, what were the rules? Could you only use monsters from Series 4? I was expecting another Mega Maxim domination.

  10. Josh,

    From what I can gather it was Now monsters only, 50% Now buildings/units.

    I was informed that it was about 26 people.

    As for Mega yasheth. Have you looked at the Mega overlays?

    I wouldn’t have a problem with you guys proxying him…Especially since I know you would paint him up as such. I kinda want to play him with the moles as his charge will actually be used.

  11. XandZero2-

    Nobody should dream of going so far as to call any monster invincible and we certainly don’t need to be reminded of that. The argument is that he is reputedly the best from Now!. And in all fairness his strengths, versatility and subtlety of play more than make up whatever might be perceived as a weakness.

    And btw, about his greatest strength, being immune to fire is not it. If he were pedestrian you might have a point; but as he’s not, it’s not. KenMonster said it quite accurately: Ignite is where it’s at.

  12. Wasn’t completly answered, the winner got(along with the participation prize of mega yasheth and full metal cyber khan) first pick of about 16 of the now megas, none of which were elementals.