Chapter 9 of Learning Netrunner
Playing the Mini Factions: Adam Deck

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Compulsive. Hacker.

Adam is a bioroid created in the labs of Haas-Bioroid. Like all bioroids, Adam has three primary directives. His first is to prioritize the safety of humans. His second is to run corporate servers. His third, unlike other bioroids who are to report to Haas-Bioroid for maintenance, is to destroy any threat to his autonomy. It is unclear who altered Adam, but he claims it to be 88% likely that he was altered by someone outside of Haas-Bioroid – and we all agree.

Adam, along with a few other Runners in the game, belongs to a unique mini-faction.  This means that every card outside of Adam’s mini-faction costs influence, and so he gets 25 influence instead of the usual 15 (more on this below). This deck utilizes cards from Anarch, Criminal, and Shaper (which is pretty standard for mini-factions) using the Influence mechanic found in the rulebook. The influence cost is noted with dots next to the cards in the list below. It was built using a single Revised Core Set, the Data & Destiny Deluxe Expansion, and the Crimson Dust Data Pack. You can buy these three products direct and build this exact deck!

If you would like to construct your own deck, we recommend watching the Core Set Deck Building Guide and Advanced Deck Building Guide on our Learning Netrunner: A How To Play Guide For New Players blog.

Adam: Compulsive Hacker - Copyright Fantasy Flight Games

Identity: Adam: Compulsive Hacker (Data and Destiny)

Event (15)
3x Mining Accident (Crimson Dust) ••••• •
1x Stimhack (Revised Core Set) •
2x Infiltration (Revised Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Revised Core Set)
3x Independent Thinking (Data and Destiny)
3x Employee Strike (Data and Destiny) •••

Hardware (6)
3x Dyson Mem Chip (Revised Core Set)
3x Brain Chip (Data and Destiny)

Resource (13)
2x Caldera (Crimson Dust) ••
3x Armitage Codebusting (Revised Core Set)
1x Always Be Running (Data and Destiny)
2x Dr. Lovegood (Data and Destiny)
1x Neutralize All Threats (Data and Destiny)
1x Safety First (Data and Destiny)
3x Technical Writer (Data and Destiny)

Icebreaker (9)
3x Aumakua (Crimson Dust) •••
2x Mimic (Revised Core Set) ••
2x Gordian Blade (Revised Core Set) ••••• •
2x Crypsis (Revised Core Set)

Program (5)
2x Datasucker (Core Set) ••
3x Multithreader (Data and Destiny)

Adam is one of three ‘neutral’ runners found in the Data and Destiny expansion. He has a remarkably high influence of 25, which is necessary given that any Anarch, Criminal, or Shaper card in the deck will cost him influence! Flavorfully, his ID ability makes you start the game with three special Directive resources. These directives are:

  1. Safety First – Your maximum hand size is reduced by 2. When your turn ends, draw 1 card if you do not have cards in your grip equal to or greater than your maximum hand size.
  2. Always Be Running – Your first action each turn must be spent to make a run or play a run event. Once per turn, you can spend two actions to break a subroutine on a piece of ice currently being encountered.
  3. Neutralize All Threats – The first time each round you access a card with a trash cost, you must trash it by paying its trash cost, if able. Whenever you access cards from HQ, access 1 additional card.

Each directive adds a unique strength… and a potentially lethal weakness! One thing is absolutely clear though, Adam wants to be playing cards, running, and trashing. There is a natural momentum to the deck that you might expect from a bioroid seemingly on a mission and having no idea what it means to be afraid for his life.

The deck has a handful of cards ideal for the early game, so it can make full use of its natural momentum. Cards like Aumakua, Datasucker, and Technical Writer enable that initial aggression and put the Corporation on its back foot. The first two reward successful runs (runs you will be forced to make thanks to Always Be Running), while Technical Writer keeps your economy humming as you build your board.

By the mid-game, you need to have turned your Directives from potential weaknesses into pure strength. To do this, you have to make sure that Always Be Running is not going to turn lethal. Having to run as your first click each round can be brutal, but there are several ways to get around this. Of particular note are Dr. Lovegood and Independent Thinking. Dr. Lovegood lets you blank a Directive each round, letting you pick and choose when you have certain directives firing. Independent Thinking lets you trash cards, including Directives, for credits, and acts as another way to get out of a bad spot due to Always Be Running. Using these tools at the right time is critical for Adam’s success.

The deck can also turn around the weakness of Safety First thanks to cards like Brain Chip, which increases your hand size for each agenda point you have scored. With three or four points scored, it turns into a free card draw at the end of each turn, and protects you against damage. Though you often find your credits drained trashing assets that are not of particular importance, Neutralize All Threats provides critical, built in multi-access that makes HQ runs remarkably effective – use it wisely and get in that hand!

If you are able to take advantage of the momentum afforded from your Directives, you can apply pressure on the Corporation unlike any other Runner in the game. Be aware, though, that there are a host of nuances to this deck, so many that I cannot write about them in a single blog. You can get a taste for how Adam works in the gameplay video below where I play against Steven’s NBN deck!

If you have any questions, please comment below and we will be happy to help as best we can.

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