Chapter 1 of Learning Arkham
What is Arkham Horror: The Card Game (LCG)?

Learning Arkham is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Prepare to investigate eerie, suspenseful, Lovecraftian mysteries with up to three other players (or solo!) in this cooperative living card game – all while enjoying one of the best “randomized challenge” rulesets in existence.

This guide is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

The thing about Arkham Horror: The Card Game is that it is, well, great. The game is a refreshingly well-done cooperative experience that introduces new content at a perfect pace and perfectly embodies its source material. And even if you could not be less interested in the latter, like many of us (at the start), the gameplay is good enough that it simply does not matter.

There might not be a better cooperative, expandable game on the market right now.

Sound interesting? Or even exciting? Then you are in the right place. This Learning Arkham series will teach you everything that you need to know in order to dive in right away without picking up a rulebook or being worried about buying the wrong thing – all in less than a couple of hours.

To kick things off, watch two diehard Arkham Horror players (and Covenant employees!) give a brief explanation of what every player can expect from Arkham Horror: The Card Game and why the game is still being played in our circles.

So, Arkham Horror: The Card Game (also written as AHLCG, Arkham Horror LCG, Arkham LCG, etc) is a cooperative living card game.

Cooperative means that the players will be on the same team attempting to beat the “artificial intelligence” of the game – in this case, a random encounter deck that spits out enemies and bad things that must be overcome.

Living card game means that the game is played with cards and that new cards are introduced to the game in small bursts, about once per month, with no rarity or collectibility whatsoever. Every Core Set is the exact same. Every pack with the same name has the exact same contents. It is a card game with little expansions that add new content – that is it!

Now, those expansions contain two types of cards – player cards and encounter cards. Player cards are the cards that you choose from when deciding what kind of investigator you want to be (trench coats, spell books, grappling hooks, axes, pistols, amulets, special moves, etc), while encounter cards are the challenges and narrative elements you will face when doing a particular scenario.

When you sit down to play a session of Arkham, the first thing you decide is what scenario you want to experience. You might want to go into the jungles of the Forgotten Age cycle and kick off a little Indiana Jones style adventure, or perhaps you would rather get creeped out by the mind-bending puzzles of Carcosa. You decide, as a group, where to start.

Then, everyone chooses the investigator they want to play and put together a deck of cards (with some restrictions) from the player cards available. Usually the discussions sound something like this:

  1. Is anyone going to be good at fighting or are we just going to run from everything again?
  2. We are going to bring magnifying glasses and flashlights so we can investigate this time, right?
  3. Are you going to build in a contingency plan, Phillip, or are you just planning to draw that Lightning Gun every game?

This is a big reason that the game is so fun, so do not discount the opportunity to harass your fellow players.

Once everyone has their investigators picked out and their decks built, the game begins – which is the next chapter of this series. Join us there!

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