Chapter 3 of Learning KeyForge
The KeyForge Buyers Guide

Learning KeyForge is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach KeyForge, the Unique Deck Game. This game is a truly unique development in the industry, with mechanics created by Richard Garfield (Magic: the Gathering, Netrunner, Artifact) and an entirely new deck distribution format.

This guide is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

This may be the easiest Buyers Guide we have ever done! The first set of KeyForge, Call of the Archons, contains two items – the Call of the Archons Starter Set and Call of the Archons unique decks.

The Starter Set contains all of the needed tokens, rules, etc. to start playing, as well as two teaching decks that are non-random (every Starter will have the same decks) and two unique decks. These Starter Sets are perfect for two people, so either buy one for yourself or split one with a friend. You can grab one (or more) from us, at the lowest price! BUT, before you do, it might not actually be necessary. If you have a lot of tokens from other games, you can just buy two decks and get started that way. Either method is a perfectly acceptable way to start!

If you KNOW that this is a game you really want to explore, you can also dive right in with a “box” of decks (known as a Deck Display). There are 12 unique decks in every Deck Display, with an MSRP price of $120. If this is the route that you would like to go, check out our first-of-its-kind KeyForge subscription, which gets you one (or more!) box of decks every time a set releases – including the first set – at the lowest possible price with free shipping!

From there, the beauty of the game unfolds. You can play with the decks out of the Starter Set for a while and then pick up a new one for $10 whenever you want a new experience. Or you could buy a bunch of decks all at once and then spend weeks playing all of them, learning them, and finding your favorite.

The process of discovering the intricacies of your deck(s) will last a varying amount of time depending on the type of player that you are. The cool thing is that you might trade one or more of your decks for other decks that are more your playstyle, or you might buy a new deck every week to continue the discovery process.

Maybe you only buy one deck and decide to play it forever!

Long story short, buy a Starter Set or a couple of decks or start a Deck Display subscription, and then play with them, trade them around, and find one (or more) that perfectly syncs up with how you want to play the game!

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