Chapter 3 of Learning KeyForge
The KeyForge Buyers Guide

Learning KeyForge is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach KeyForge, the Unique Deck Game. This guide is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

KeyForge is one of the simplest card games we have ever seen when it comes to getting started. The easiest way to learn what to buy to start playing KeyForge is by watching our buyers guide video below!

One of the best aspects of KeyForge is how easy it is to buy! While you can start with as little as two individual decks, we recommend buying either the standard KeyForge Starter or our Deluxe Starter Set. You will find the most recently available decks along with both starters below.

If you already have tokens, individual decks are a cost effective way to try the game! You will find standard cardboard tokens in the KeyForge starter and our premium acrylic Archon Tokens in the deluxe starter. There is no wrong way to jump in though, so whatever works best for you is the right choice!

Collecting KeyForge

When it comes to collecting KeyForge, it is important to understand that KeyForge is released in sets. The first set was called Call of the Archons, featuring 370 unique cards and 7 houses. The second set, Age of Ascension, features 166 cards from the first set, Call of the Archons, and 204 completely new cards (totaling 370).

Each deck features 12 random cards from 3 of the houses in a set. These random cards are pulled from the 370 available cards in each set, with a few exceptions. Starting with set 2, any card not included in a set can show up in their matching house as a Legacy Card. So while your favorite card might not be in every set, you always have a chance of seeing it in the future! It is also worth noting that decks are packaged in boxes of 12 decks, called a display.

We expect a new set to be released every 4-6 months, featuring new cards and maybe even new houses! Picking up one or two displays from any set is a great way to dive in and explore the various available cards and houses.

If you are interested in exploring new cards as they are released without having to keep up with endless releases, check out our KeyForge Deck Display Subscription. Activating a subscription is free, you can cancel at any time, and you get the lowest price we can legally charge for each deck! After you activate a subscription, we will charge a week or two before the release of a new set. For U.S. customers, subscriptions will arrive on (or super close to) release!

Grabbing one or two displays whenever a new set is released will give you plenty of decks to explore from the start. It also gives you a number of decks you can use to trade, sell, or even just give to friends and family you’d like to show the game.

Buying “Known” Decks

If opening random decks isn’t your thing, or if you know exactly what you want, our Choose-Your-Deck gallery has individual, unopened decks for sale, which you can sort by houses and sets – and you can even search by individual cards you want to play.

Each deck in the gallery starts at a price determined by a number of factors, including rares, combos, and special symbols. Then at the end of every week, each deck in the gallery is marked down by 20%, and that continues week after week!

Checking the gallery every week is a great way to find that diamond in the rough that has the cards and houses you’ve been looking for.

At the time of this writing, you can search “Epic Quest” via the search bar in our header, and the deck “Cartographer Caedwen Benevaria” appears. You can click on it and check out the entire decklist and its current price. If it’s out of your budget, you can check back next week after its price drops – as long as someone else doesn’t grab it first!

Unlock A World Where Anything Is Possible

From here, the beauty of the game unfolds. You can play with the decks out of the Starter Set for a while and then pick up a new one for $10 whenever you want a new experience. Or you could buy a bunch of decks all at once and then spend weeks playing all of them, learning them, and finding your favorite.

The process of discovering the intricacies of your deck(s) will last a varying amount of time depending on the type of player that you are. The cool thing is that you might trade one or more of your decks for other decks that are more your playstyle, or you might buy a new deck every week to continue the discovery process.

Maybe you only buy one deck and decide to play it forever!

Long story short, buy a Starter Set or a couple of decks and give the game a try. If you’re already convinced that you’ll love KeyForge and want to keep up with new releases effortlessly, start a Deck Display subscription. Play with the decks you get, trade some, and find those that perfectly syncs up with how you want to play the game!

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