Chapter 6 of Learning L5R
Playing the Lion Clan

Welcome to Rokugan! Learning L5R is a series of videos and blogs to help you jump straight into the action of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG as soon as you get your Core Sets. If you are new to the Learning L5R series, we recommend that you start by reading Chapter 1: A How to Play Guide for New L5R Players.

The Lion Clan

The Lion Clan is known for their honorable ways, fierce warriors, and impressive army, among the largest in Rokugan.

Below is an intermediate deck list built from three Core Sets. The deck imports a few critical cards from the Crab Clan in accordance with the Influence mechanic found in the rulebook. If you would like to construct a more basic Lion Clan deck for your first few games,we recommend watching the Core Set Deck Building video in Chapter 1: A How to Play Guide for New L5R Players.

Stronghold: Yojin no Shiro

Meditations on the Tao (Fire)
Pilgrimage (Void)
Ancestral Lands (Earth)
Manicured Garden (Air)
The Art of War (Water)

Dynasty Deck:
3 x Seppun Guardsman
3 x Obstinante Recruit
3 x Matsu Berserker
3 x Ikoma Prodigy
3 x Steadfast Samurai
3 x Akodo Gunso
3 x Venerable Historian
2 x Miya Mystic
3 x Deathseeker
2 x Wandering Ronin
3 x Lion’s Pride Brawler
2 x Matsu Beiona
3 x Kitsu Spiritcaller
3 x Honored General
3 x Ikoma Eiji
3 x Akodo Toturi

Conflict Deck:
3 x Bonzai!
3 x Fine Katana
3 x Assassination
3 x Charge
3 x Rout
3 x Way of the Lion
2 x Fallen in Battle
2 x Master of the Spear
3 x Honored Blade
3 x Vengeful Oathkeeper
3 x Strength in Numbers
3 x Sashimono
3 x For Greater Glory
3 x Reprieve (1 influence each)
3 x Stoic Gunso (1 influence each)
1 x Hiruma Ambusher (1 influence)
1 x The Mountain Does Not Fall (3 influence)

The battle plan for the Lion Clan is among the most straightforward of all the clans. The goal is to overwhelm your opponent through numbers and outmatch them in military conflicts. The dynasty deck has fifteen characters that cost one fate or less. The overarching goal is to keep as many characters in play as you can. This allows you to pressure your opponent with enough bodies for simultaneous offense and defense.

Just as critical as military conflicts to the Lion Clan is their honor. If you can establish an honor advantage in the early stages of a game, the later stages become much easier. Characters like Obstinate Recruit, Steadfast Samurai, and Venerable Historian are disproportionately powerful as long as you are more honorable than your enemy, and Ikoma Prodigy and Honored General help you get there.

Additionally, look to attack with Air and Fire during conflicts, as they directly gain honor or take it from your opponent. Also be conservative with your honor dial during the Draw Phase. If you can consistently bid lower than your opponent, you will easily gain the honor advantage – especially if used in tandem with the Earth ring. By discarding cards from your opponent’s hand and filling your own, Earth conflicts both mitigate your lack of card draw and make it even more tempting for your opponent to bid high on their dial.

Out of the Core Set, some of the most powerful cards center around keywords. As such, an important part of the Lion card pool centers around the Bushi keyword. One such Bushi is Ikoma Eiji, who allows you to play three cost or lower Bushi for free. The advantage gained by even a single turn of Eiji’s ability is remarkable. Further playing to this theme is For Greater Glory, which gives you another turn of conflicts with your Bushi characters. Triggering these critical effects should be a priority.

See the Lion Clan in action in our How To Play video, and follow along as we use them in both deck building videos in Chapter 1!

Next up, we give an overview of the Phoenix Clan!

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