Chapter 2 of Learning Marvel Champions
How to Play the Marvel Champions Living Card Game

This chapter is in progress, we’ll be updating it as we learn more about the rules and record videos and live streams of our early experiences with the game!

If you want to learn how to play the Marvel Champions LCG, you can watch our demo from FFG Marketing Manager, Evan Johnson, in the video below! We take on the first villain from the core set, Rhino!

After playing our first game of Marvel Champions, we were ready to explore the game even more! We brought Evan back on our stream so that we could try the other heroes, build our own decks, and play against the second villain in the core set, Klaw!

In the next chapter, we cover everything you need to know before buying Marvel Champions.

If you’re looking to dive even further into the game, check out our unboxing streams of each hero, nemesis, and aspect from the Marvel Champions LCG core set.


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