Chapter 4 of Learning Marvel Champions
What is in the Marvel Champions LCG Core Set?

The Marvel Champions LCG Core Set includes a full playset of cards. This includes five heroes, Spider-Man, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. Each hero comes with fifteen signature cards, an obligation, and a nemesis. The Core Set also features a number of cards for the four aspects of the game, Aggression, Justice, Leadership, and Protection. The Core Set includes three villain scenarios, Rhino, Klaw, and Ultron.

After the announcement of the Marvel Champions LCG at Gen Con 2019, we did live unboxings for each hero, their nemesis, and each aspect. You can watch the videos below for a complete overview of everything from the core set, less the villains!

Captain Marvel Unboxing

She-Hulk Unboxing

Spider-Man Unboxing

Black Panther Unboxing

Iron Man Unboxing

After unboxing all five heroes, we took a look at every heroes nemesis, the four aspects, and the neutral cards.

Nemesis Unboxing

Aggression and Protection Aspect Unboxing

Justice Aspect Unboxing

Leadership Unboxing

Neutral Unboxing

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