Chapter 4 of Learning Power Rangers
Common Rules Mistakes – What We Missed

Power Rangers has a very delicate balance between “too hard” and “too easy”, and missing a few rules here and there can tilt things in one direction very quickly. During our first few games, we definitely missed a number of rules that are likely to cause issues for other players as well. Check them out below to make sure that you’re getting the proper Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid experience (and difficulty level!).

We’ve linked to the timecodes in the videos that show us playing the rule incorrectly, with the correct rule listed below

Misplay: 10:29, 32:20, 54:17 We say that guard only protects horizontally adjacent cards.
Correct Rule: Rulebook p. 13 – Guard also protects vertically adjacent cards. Remember also that Guard only protects non-Guard cards.

Misplay: 24:31 We deployed in the wrong priority.
Correct Rule: Rulebook p. 6 – Enemies always deploy in the following priority: foot soldiers -> monsters -> bosses. If played correctly, two Putty Patrollers would have deployed at the Resistance Hideout, and then one Putty Patroller and Black Dragon would have deployed in the Command Center (due to the special rule in Assault Mode).

Misplay: 32:06, 52:53 – We drained energy from stored energy first.
Correct Rule: Rulebook p. 14 – Energy is drained from the shared pool first. Then it is drained from stored energy among Rangers participating in the battle. Finally, for each energy that still needs to be drained, a participating Ranger must discard a card from their hand.

Misplay: 36:22 We did not add our spent energy to Stolen Power.
Correct Rule: When you spend energy while Stolen Power is on the board, that energy is placed on Stolen Power. Read the cards and do what they say! 

Misplay: 37:23, 56:50 When using Burn Out the two-sided hit was resolved twice.
Correct Rule: Burn Out lets you deal one die to an adjacent card instead of the target – not in addition to. Read the cards and do what they say!

Misplay: 43:04 Hades Technique gained us 4 energy and we distributed it to both the shared pool and stored energy.
Correct Rule: Rulebook p. 12 – Gained energy must go to the shared pool. It cannot go to stored energy. Remember that there is no cap on the amount of energy in the shared pool.

Misplay: 59:03 We attacked a card that was being Guarded by the card above it.
Correct Rule: Rulebook p. 13 – Guard also protects vertically adjacent cards. Remember also that Guard only protects non-Guard cards. This seems to be the most commonly missed rule out and about, so make sure you understand that it is horizontal and vertical!

So, don’t make the same mistakes that we did – and have a great time with Power Rangers!

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