Chapter 1 of Learning Power Rangers
What is the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Game?

Learning Power Rangers is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Game. This guide is updated regularly to provide the most accurate and current information. If you already know about the game and are interested in learning how to play, you may want to skip to the next chapter.

As fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers growing up, we had no choice but to take a look at the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid board game when it showed up on Kickstarter. On first glance, it seemed like another in a long line of well-designed board games from Renegade Game Studios. As we learned more about the game at GAMA earlier this year, we quickly realized there was more going on than we first thought!

In the ‘90s, the line between board games and miniatures games was very clear. Miniatures games, like Warhammer 40k, were distinct from board games, like Risk or Monopoly. Over the past few decades though, those lines have grown increasingly blurry.

Is Power Rangers a board game? Is it a miniatures game? The truth is that it is a bit of both. There isn’t a perfect category to put this game into, so it may be best described as a cooperative, expandable board game.

Like a board game, there is a core game that includes everything you need to play. You could purchase the core game and enjoy it for years to come as you might with Chess, Monopoly, or Settlers of Catan.

Unlike most board games, though, Power Rangers launched with a full lineup of expansions. This included a large box expansion, two deluxe figure packs, and a villain pack – all of which offer new experiences and more robust gameplay. Renegade announced the first expansions beyond launch in their Phase 2 Kickstarter, which is expected to arrive to retailers and backers in March 2020.

Like a miniatures game, Power Rangers features a range of miniatures you use to play the game. The core game box alone includes 34 figures! Unlike most miniatures games, though, you won’t build a list or squad to play head to head against other players.

Instead of fighting each other, players play cooperatively to defend Angel Grove (the city where the show and comics take place) from the minions and bosses looking to cause panic and engage in general “badness”.

At the start of each game, players choose a Ranger. Every Ranger comes with a character card, miniature, and deck of action cards which gives them their unique moves and abilities.

In the core game, Foot Soldiers and Monsters wreak havoc on the city – which inevitably builds to the arrival of the boss (in the case of the core game, Rita Ripulsa). The Power Rangers win if they defeat the Boss, but they lose if the city becomes panicked or if any of the Rangers on the team are permanently defeated. All for one, one for all.

The game does a wonderful job of making you feel like a Power Ranger. Perhaps the most important element of the game is your ability to lean into your role on the team and work with the other Rangers. If you, like us, are revisiting one of your favorite childhood shows through this game, you are in for a treat!

As we started playing the game it was clear Renegade had new players in mind throughout the design process – as it is incredibly easy to learn and teach. As such, if you have friends who also loved Power Rangers as kids, this is a great introduction to tabletop games.

If you have kids who love Power Rangers, this is also a great game for you to enjoy together. It is simple enough to learn and play that kids of most ages can keep up and enjoy the game. It’s also deep enough that you won’t be bored trying to sit at a table and play this with them. Quite the contrary, actually.

With any miniatures game, one of the biggest concerns is how much time the ‘hobbying’ aspect will require. If you’ve ever assembled or painted miniatures, you know there are all sorts of materials, tools, and techniques that you have to learn before you can start playing.

Thankfully, the models in Power Rangers all come pre-assembled! They are made in the colors you’d expect – which you can see above with the Red and Blue Rangers. This lets you skip the painting step altogether if you wish.

If you do want to paint them though, they have made all of the miniatures on a larger scale than most games. This makes painting them quite a bit easier, so if this is your first time painting miniatures this is also a great game for you.

Combining a quick setup with intuitive rules, pre-assembled models, and color schemes that make sense, you can have this game on the table within minutes of opening the box.

If you are or ever were a fan of Power Rangers and are looking for an incredibly thematic, fun game that you can play with pretty much anyone, we cannot recommend this game enough! Join us in the next chapter to learn how to play Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

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