Chapter 7 of Learning Star Wars: Destiny
Additional Resources for Destiny Players

Learning Destiny is a series of tutorial videos and blogs designed to teach the Star Wars: Destiny Collectible Card and Dice Game. This series is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

If you’re looking for more ways to get involved in the Star Wars: Destiny community, you’re in the right place!

Fantasy Flight Games – It should be no surprise that FFG’s own website is the best source for official content. This is where new products ARE announced as well as rules updates, tournament results and guest commentaries. Also, FFG runs forums that are actively used.

Note that the “Upcoming” page on FFG’s website is known for being inaccurate, so be careful about basing your expectations around it. The ambiguity of that page is actually why so many people join our Covenant Subscriptions service and pre-order Saga Sets.

Organized Play

Store ChampionshipsWith Store Championships you will find players of varying skill, more prizes than your weekly game night or league, and loads of fun. Store Championships are also a great chance to play in a more competitive event at your local store and vie for bragging rights and the title of Store Champion.

Regional Championships  – Your chance to join a community that spans beyond your town or city. Regional Championships are exclusive events and offer a precious first-round bye at the country’s National Championship. Win a Regional Championship and prove to everyone that you should be taken seriously!

National Championships – All about meeting others from across your country and seeing how you stack up against the best your country has to offer. Get to know other top players in your country and form new friendships. Compete against your fellow compatriots for the right to be crowned National Champion and a first-round bye at World Championships!

Star Wars World Championships – The culmination of Organized Play each year and the fires from which champions are forged. Hundreds of players from around the world arrive at FFG’s very own Games Center to play for a chance at being named World Champion and earn the right to work with the designers on creating a card for the game!

Deck builders

SWDestinyDB – An easy to use platform with a ton of user generated content. You can build your own deck, or see what decks won the latest tournaments. We have always enjoyed the simplicity of this website when building decks.

CardGameDB – If you want to see even more decks, or if you play some other games, CardGameDB is another option for you. It features support for other games such as Star Wars: Destiny, Arkham Horror LCG and Lord of the Rings LCG.


Fantasy Flight Games – One stop shop for all the latest event coverage and game tutorials.

Team Covenant – Us again! We regularly post Destiny content and industry news, especially on the Covenant Cast.

Monks Gaming Battlefield – Ran by our good friend Monk. Expect weekly updates, news coverage and TTS gameplay!

Double Blanks Gaming – Double Blanks produces a lot of Destiny content, including drafting, a coaching playlist, and frequent TTS gameplay videos.


The Hyperloops – Probably most well known for their “Gauntlet” and “Trilogy Gauntlet” blogs detailing the kings of the current meta as well as decks to watch out for. Also create loads of great content for improving at Destiny. The Hyperloops also maintains a popular YouTube channel.  

The Chance Cube – Best known for the industry standard “Price Watch” detailing recommended pricing for singles, The Chance Cube also hosts events and provides detailed meta recaps.

The Destiny Council – Great content creators, including a popular “Deck-Tech” section, as well as gameplay and podcasts.


The Jedi Trials – Led by Mike Rudin and Dhaus, who are both very good Destiny players, Jedi Trials consistently discusses the games and their thoughts regarding the competitive environment.

iRebel – A very consistent podcast with a lot of community interviews. They also recently did a wonderfully extensive meta breakdown from Spirit of Rebellion to Worlds ‘18.

Golden Dice – A newer podcast that is quickly making a great name for itself. Golden Dice has discussions for everyone, and covers many aspects of Destiny, from competitive to casual play.

Discussion Platforms

SWDestiny Facebook Group – There are a plethora of Facebook groups out there for Star Wars: Destiny. Among the most active is this group. With thirteen thousand members (at the time of this posting), there are always new posts and discussions. Many facebook groups are also regional. We highly suggest joining the group that is closest to you for event and community updates.

r/SWDestiny – If you are on Reddit, check out r/SWDestiny. It is one of our preferred places to discuss deck ideas, card synergy and catch up on new product releases with fellow players.

Board Game GeekBGG has an active Destiny community, and acts as a hub for user-submitted products, images, and videos.

You Have Everything You Need

This list is the final bit of information that you need to get fully involved with Star Wars: Destiny! We will continue to add resources to this section as we discover them, and hope that you dive in as well. For even more relevant information, you can sign up for our Star Wars: Destiny emails below.

Now go forth and play Destiny! If you have any questions, please comment below and we will be happy to help!

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