Chapter 5 of Learning X-Wing
Additional X-Wing Resources and Helpful Links

Learning X-Wing is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game. This guide is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

Fantasy Flight Games – It should be no surprise that FFG’s own website is the best source for official content. This is where new products ARE announced as well as rules updates, tournament results and guest commentaries. Also, FFG runs forums that are actively used.

Note that the “Upcoming” page on FFG’s website is known for being inaccurate, so be careful about basing your expectations around it. The ambiguity of that page is actually why so many people join our Covenant Subscriptions service.

Organized Play

With the release of X-Wing Second Edition, Fantasy Flight Games added several new events to their official organized play structure. You can find a bevy of information on their official Organized Play web page. For local play, they expanded their seasonal kits and added a new type of kit, the deluxe wave kit.

Seasonal Kits – Fantasy Flight Games releases (roughly) four seasonal kits each year that include unique and official prizes (alt-art cards, tokens, templates, etc.). Each kit will also now include a challenge that players can earn exclusive prizes for completing. Local retailers can purchase these kits to run tournaments and leagues as they see fit.

Deluxe Wave Kits – Along with every new wave of expansions, local retailers are able to purchase a Deluxe Wave Kit. Deluxe wave kits include support to host a release event using quick build cards with new ships and a thematic event that encourages exploration of the newest ships. It also includes exclusive alt-art cards and the tools to track performance until the release of the next wave, with prizes for the top performing pilots.

Fantasy Flight has also increased their support for events beyond the local level, adding Hyperspace Trials and Cups!

Hyperspace Trials – This is a tournament with specific regulations hosted by any retailer who meets specific eligibility requirements. Along with prizes like alt-art cards and tokens, the winner of each Hyperspace Trial qualifies for the World Championship!

Hyperspace Cups – A select number of Hyperspace Trials will be given the title of Hyperspace Cup. These events will feature additional prizes and support from Fantasy Flight Games.

System Open Series – Alongside the Hyperspace Trials and Cups being hosted at qualifying local retailers, Fantasy Flight Games hosts the System Open Series. These are larger tournaments usually held at events like Adepticon or tabletop gaming conventions. These tournaments tend to draw hundreds of players and of course, the winner qualifies for the World Championship!

World Championships – The culmination of Organized Play each year and the fires from which champions are forged. Hundreds of players from around the world arrive at FFG’s very own Games Center. Play for your chance at being named World Champion and earn the right to work with the designers on creating a card for the game!

Squad builders

X-Wing App (Official) – Currently sporting a 1.9 out of 5 star review on the Apple app store, the official app has had a less than positive reception on release. Hopefully the app improves over time and in the mean time, there are a couple of solid third party tools that are already live (see below).

Launch Bay Next – Sporting a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on the Apple app store, this is easily the app of choice at present for most of the X-Wing community. It is supremely straightforward and simple, something that the official app is notably lacking.

YASB 2.0 (Yet Another Squad Builder) – If you prefer a web based solution to an app, look no further. The original YASB was very popular during the course of first edition and the community was thrilled to see it return with a 2.0 version. This is the go to solution for anyone looking to build a squad on the web.


Fantasy Flight Games – One stop shop for all the latest event coverage and game tutorials.

Team Covenant – We host The Covenant Cast weekly and we always discuss any major X-Wing news or releases. We stream a variety of games most Mondays at 4pm and occasionally stream X-Wing!

Gold Squadron – This is a must visit channel for event coverage! They host live streams from major events featuring high quality video and commentary. If you want to watch various squads and good players in action, they have plenty of videos up from X-Wing events.

Hairy Nick – Self-proclaimed as the ‘internet’s most talented amateur X-Wing player’, Hairy Nick posts new videos regularly, covering everything from list reviews to meta predictions and even break downs of rules reference guides as they are released. His videos are very approachable, so even new players will likely enjoy this content.


Gold Squadron Podcast – On top of live streams and YouTube Videos, Gold Squadron also releases a weekly podcast that features experienced players have conversations about the game that any player would enjoy. This podcast is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the X-Wing community at large.

Mynock Squadron Podcast – The Mynock Squadron posts a weekly podcast featuring long time X-Wing players Dee, Ryan, and Dallas (a former World Championship runner up!). This podcast definitely leans towards more competitive discussion, which is great for anyone looking to go to a tournament or event!

Online Discussion

FFG Forums – With over a million posts, the Fantasy Flight Games official forums is a great place for general discussion about X-Wing.

r/XWingTMG – If you are on Reddit, check out r/XWingTMG. It is one of our preferred places to discuss squad ideas, card synergy, rules clarifications, and content with fellow players.


Stay On The Leader – From tournament reports to a bevy of squad ideas and breakdowns, this is one of the few blogs that has been regularly updated since the release of X-Wing Second Edition! For anyone looking for regular, written X-Wing content this is a great place to start!

Such An X-Wing Hipster – written by self-proclaimed X-Wing Hipster Phil GC, this blog is written with the credo of ‘fly what you love’. If you are looking for fresh content not necessarily focused on the competitive side of X-Wing Second Edition, look no further!

You Have Everything You Need

This list is the final bit of information that you need to get fully involved with X-Wing Miniatures Game! We will continue to add resources to this section as we discover them, and hope that you dive in as well. For even more relevant information, you can sign up for our X-Wing emails below.

Now go play X-Wing! If you have any questions, please comment below and we will be happy to help!

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