Chapter 3 of Learning X-Wing
The X-Wing Second Edition Buyers Guide

Learning X-Wing is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game. X-Wing is easy to learn and extremely fun to play, letting you field your favorite ships from a galaxy far, far away to experience first hand the thrill of squadron dogfights! 

This guide is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

The first edition of X-Wing released at Gen Con 2012. In May of 2018, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced the second edition of the game, with a scheduled release of September, 2018. If you already own a collection of first edition ships, we recommend skipping ahead to the ‘Veteran Players’ section.

If you are new to X-Wing, the Core Set is the place to start. Each Core Set comes with the necessary components to play the game; a damage deck, maneuver templates, tokens, and three ships. The core set features the escalation format allowing you to experience the feeling of a full game with just the core set ships.

While you only need one core set to play X-Wing, you will need a core set for every player. Not only does every player need their own damage deck and template set, having ships from two core sets is a great way to get a closer look at what a full game of X-Wing will be like.

Your next step is expanding your squadron past the Core Set. While the escalation format featured in the core set and the double core set experience is enjoyable, the game gets even better as you add more ships to your squad. To purchase additional ships, the first thing you need to know is the difference between a first edition and second edition ship. You can see the visual difference above, with a first edition ship on the left and second edition on the right. First edition ships are playable in second edition, but require a conversion kit.

FFG intends to re-release every first edition ship into second edition over the next few years.  For new players, we recommend collecting ships as they release. If you want to have access to the previously released ships faster, you will need to purchase older expansions and grab a conversion kit for their respective factions.

The easiest way to get new ships and keep up with new releases for your favorite factions is through our subscription platform. You sign up for your favorite factions, we charge you a week or two before release, and every new ship for your faction will arrive automatically, as they are released, to your door! If you want to receive multiple of each release you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

In summary, if you are new to X-Wing we recommend following these steps:

  1. Purchase a Core Set for every player
  2. Subscribe to your favorite factions to receive new ships as they release
  3. Expand your collection with additional ships

Before buying additional ships, we recommend you check out the next chapter, How To Build Your First X-Wing Squad. We cover the basics of building your first squad, which will give you a much better idea of the ships you want to add to your collection.

Veteran Players

As you might have expected, a new edition of the game means a new Core Set. The updated core set comes with a remodeled version of the X-Wing (S-Foils now open and close!) and two TIE Fighters, including all new cardboard, pilots, and upgrade cards. The Core Set comes with a new damage deck and new templates that include an important new line down the middle of the cardboard. You will need at least one Core Set to start playing Second Edition.

Along with a new Core Set, FFG is releasing a conversion kit for every faction. Each kit includes a full suite of pilots, upgrades, base inserts, and dials that make every ship previously released for those factions immediately playable without having to re-purchase the ships. The First Order and Resistance are becoming their own factions in Second Edition, and will have their own Conversion Kits as part of the second wave of expansions.

Before buying those kits, you need to understand one critical change that we are excited to learn about in Second Edition. If you buy all of the products for a single faction, you will have access to the full range of pilots and upgrades usable for that faction. No more buying ships from other factions in order to get the upgrades that you need! This means that you will need to buy one Conversion Kit for each faction you intend to fly.

FFG also intends to re-release every first edition ship (less the Ace boxes) as a second edition ship over time. Each re-release will feature new dials, bases, pilots, and upgrade cards. Some ships will also get a much needed remodel, like the Y-Wing which can be seen below.

Y-Wing Comparison

We fully expect the re-released ships to include pilots and upgrade cards not found in the conversion kits, so it will likely be worth picking up a copy of each new ship as it releases. If you are looking for an easy way to keep up with new releases, we recently revamped our X-Wing subscriptions.

We now offer a subscription for every faction that comes with free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.! You sign up for the factions you want, we charge you about two weeks before ships are released, and you automatically have new ships delivered  to your door. For U.S. subscribers, new releases usually arrive on or extremely close to their release date.

If you do not have a local store that supports X-Wing or just do not want to spend time keeping up with release schedules, a subscription is the perfect option. You can guarantee you get new releases, starting with this first wave, without paying months in advance or keeping up with future release schedules.

In summary, our suggested plan for veteran players is the following:

1x Core Set
1x Conversion Kit for each faction you want to play
1x Subscription for each faction you want to play

That will get you everything you need to convert your old ships, as well as a fresh wave of ships every time there is a release. Keep in mind that it is not strictly necessary to buy re-released ships if you already have them and do not desire the re-sculpts. Whether or not they contain enough exclusive content to warrant a purchase is up to you – and that is something that we simply do not have enough information about quite yet.

As long as you get the ships you want and keep playing X-Wing, there is ultimately no wrong answer!

Upgrading Your Tokens and Templates

We are in the process of overhauling our Squad Tokens and Squad Templates. Most of the current line is slated to be replaced, so if you want to be notified whenever we launch our revamped tokens and templates sign up for the newsletter below.

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