Chapter 1 of Learning X-Wing
What is the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game?

Star Wars: X-Wing originally released in 2012, offering a fresh take on the miniatures game format. Unlike traditional miniatures games in which players assemble and paint their own models, all models (in the case of X-Wing, ships) came pre-assembled and pre-painted. X-Wing also replaced a lengthy rulebook with a streamlined ruleset that players could learn in minutes, and featured smaller scale battles of 2-6 ships per player.

The game entered its second edition in the fall of 2018. Second edition builds on all of the aforementioned strengths with an even more streamlined system – one that allows for sustainable balance on the fly.

Of course the first thing you will want to know is exactly what to expect from a game of X-Wing, and a rundown of the basic mechanics. We caught up with game designer Alex Davy for an exclusive video detailing those early questions that every new player brings to the table.

X-Wing allows you to recreate your favorite dogfights in the Star Wars universe, like the Battle of Yavin, or to tell entirely new stories with your favorite ships. Whether you are new to tabletop gaming or have been a serious miniatures gamer for years, every Star Wars fan should give this game a try. There is something truly visceral about playing a game of X-Wing, and it makes sense when you realize that those scenes in the original trilogy were created with models very similar to those found in the game!

Not only is this game easy to learn, fun to play, and incredibly thematic, but it also somehow offers a seemingly endless depth. This was on full display when a single player, Paul Heaver, was able to win not one, not two, but three world championships in a row! And while the game does offer a range of competitive events, we have heard countless stories of parents playing with their kids, co-workers playing over lunch, and friends gathering at their local stores for weekly league nights all across the world.

For a more comprehensive look at how to play Star Wars: X-Wing, head to the next chapter where we play a full game with co-designer Alex Davy using the escalation format and ships found in a single Core Set!

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