Chapter 3 of Learning Transformers
The Transformers TCG Buyers Guide

Learning Transformers is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach the Transformers Trading Card Game. This game is the latest from Wizards of the Coast, and features battles between Autobots and Decepticons wrapped in the original, iconic 80s art style!

This guide is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

if you are excited to start playing the Transformers TCG, you’re in the right place! We cover everything you need to know about buying Transformers in the video and chapter below.

To players of other collectible games, especially trading card games, Transformers is certainly nothing new. You have two products to start, Starter Decks and Booster Packs.

Starter Decks contain a pre-built deck that features a range of previously released and never before seen cards. Unlike booster packs, Starter Decks are not random and contain a fixed number of every card. The game launched with an Autobots Starter Set and has consistently released new Starter Decks ever since. A Starter Deck is not required to play, although they are a very convenient way to try the game!

These decks have been widely available (even at Wal-Mart and Target) at first, but then become harder to track down over time. We regularly stock the latest starter deck, which you can find above. Given how sporadic the new decks release and the fact that they contain new cards, we also created a Transformers TCG Deck Subscription to make keeping up with releases as easy as possible!

Activating a subscription is free and you don’t get charged until a week or two before a new deck releases. New decks will show up on your doorstep either on release or super close to it (for US customers). This is the easiest way to guarantee you get a copy of every starter as it releases!

Booster Packs and Turbo Drafts

If you’re comfortable with card games, we actually recommend skipping the Starter Decks entirely and instead buying Booster Packs. Hands down the most fun and easiest way to dive into The Transformers TCG is through what is called a Turbo Draft!

In a Turbo Draft, every player starts with two booster packs. Every booster pack contains one Transformer and a pack of seven battle cards. Players open their two booster packs and keep their Transformers.

Each player opens one of their two packs of seven battle cards. You choose one card from the seven and then pass the remaining cards to the player on your left. This is called ‘drafting’. Every time you get handed a stack of cards, you choose one card and pass this rest. This continues until all seven cards are drafted. You repeat this with your second pack of seven battle cards, except this time you will pass cards to your right.

At the end of the draft, you should have two Transformers and fourteen battle cards. You will use all fourteen cards as your deck and the Transformers you opened are your starting team, regardless of your star value. At the start of each game, whoever has more star value has to assign an amount of damage to their Transformers equal to the difference between their starting star value and their opponent’s.

For roughly $8 and in only a few minutes, you can build a unique, fun deck that lets you learn the game and explore a wide range of cards!

Sets and Booster Boxes

New cards in Transformers are released in Sets. A Set contains a fixed number of cards, commonly 121 in Transformers. What makes a game like Transformers collectible is that these cards are randomly distributed in Booster Packs. Every card has a rarity, which indicates how often it shows up randomly in booster packs. The rarities are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare.

On average, a Super Rare card shows up in one in every three booster boxes. Booster Packs are distributed in Booster Boxes of 30 packs. Buying packs by the box gives you the best chance at getting a Super Rare!

The Booster Box above is labeled ‘Rise of the Combiners’. This was the second set for the Transformers TCG. We expect a new set of Transformers to release three or four times a year. Like the Starter Decks, these sets release at varying windows throughout a year.

To make it as easy as possible to keep up with all of set releases, we created a Transformers TCG Booster Box Subscription. Starting a subscription is free and you won’t be charged until a week or two before a new set is released. These subscriptions include free shipping, a 20% discount, and show up on (or super close to) release day.

How many Booster Boxes you want to get through a subscription is based entirely on how you decide to approach the game. We love getting one box per player and using those packs to Turbo Draft. After a few weeks of Turbo drafting, we will trade with each other and buy individual cards online to get whatever cards we need to build decks around our favorite Transformers.

If you are serious about Transformers and want to have access to most cards from each set, you probably want to grab three or four Booster Boxes through a subscription. This will give you a full set of most cards and plenty of additional cards to trade for what you are missing.

Custom Tokens

When you are ready to really get the full Transformers experience, you should look at upgrading the flimsy paper tokens included in the Starter. There are a few options out there that pretty much take a Transformers logo, engrave a number on it, and ship them out. We thought we could do better, so we developed a full Health Bar token system all about capturing that thematic, tactile aesthetic that we loved so much as kids (and still do!).

Pricing gets better as you buy more, so make sure to check out the various Health Bar bundles on our store!

This product line stemmed from the frustration we had while flipping and tapping cards with the stock tokens scattered about. They were both insufficient for clearly tracking health and completely lacking the tactile gravitas that defines the setting.

So we set out to develop a token system that combines the physicality of the Transformers line with visually stunning designs. Each Health Bar elegantly tracks up to 16 damage, with each token slotting perfectly into an interlocking dashboard reminiscent of those classic Transformers action figures.

View the full collection!

In the next chapter, we cover additional ways to get involved in the Transformers TCG community!

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