Chapter 1 of Learning Transformers
What is the Transformers TCG?

Learning Transformers is a series of tutorial videos and blogs that teach the Transformers Trading Card Game. This game is the latest from Wizards of the Coast, and features battles between Autobots and Decepticons wrapped in the original, iconic 80s art style!

This guide is updated continuously to provide the most current information.

Are you interested in collecting your favorite Transformers and battling them against one another, all while steeped in a mixture of modern, classic and original TV series art? This is the game for you! You can get a brief overview of The Transformers TCG in this chapter or watch below for a full overview in the video below.

The Transformers TCG is a supremely fast-paced, fun card game where two players battle it out using their dream team of Transformers. The game is a trading card game, which means that you buy booster packs that contain random cards, combine those cards together to build a deck. Certain cards are more rare than others. Finding the cards that you need by opening packs and/or trading with other players is one of the key aspects of a collectible game. As you acquire new cards, you can add them to your deck in order to make it better!

During a game of Transformers, players play action cards and upgrade their Transformers to gain an advantage on the battlefield and then launch attacks against their opponents’ squad. The game is supremely easy to learn, but the nuance and depth of the game quickly starts to reveal itself.

If this sounds like the kind of experience you would enjoy, head over to the next chapter to see the game in action!

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