Scale and Dimensions of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Terrain, Characters, and Templates

We’ve been hearing from a lot of you about how critical it is to have the dimensions of everything included in the Crisis Protocol Core Set so you can add your own terrain to the game and create incredible landscapes for your future games. We measured everything from The Hulk to the door on the Daily Bugle (in inches and millimeters) to make your crafting experience as seamless as it can be.  There’s only one stipulation for using these measurements – you have to show us what you create on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

How big is the Crisis Protocol Core Set Box?

The Crisis Protocol Core Set Box is 11.5” (292.1mm) square and 4” (101.6mm) deep. That’s 529 cubic inches of prime storage space!

What are the dimensions of the terrain in the Crisis Protocol Core Set?

Size 1 terrain covers Street Lamps and Lamp Posts, which both stand 3” (76mm) tall and use a 1” (25mm) square base.

Size 2 terrain consists of Cars and Dumpsters. The Cars are 4” (102mm) long, 1.5” (38mm) tall, and 2” (50mm) wide and the Dumpsters are 2.5” (64mm) long, 1.5” (38mm) tall, and 1⅜“ (35mm) wide.

The Daily Bugle is the only Size 3 terrain in the Core Set, and it is 5⅛” (130mm) long, 3” (76mm) tall, and 2.5” (64mm) wide. The front door to the Daily Bugle is 15/16” (24mm) wide and 1¾” (44mm) tall.

What is the scale of the characters in the Crisis Protocol Core Set?

Size 2 characters use a 1⅜” (35mm) base size, except for Doc Oc, who has a 2” (50mm) base.

Size 3 characters, like Ultron, have a 2” (50mm) base.

Size 4 characters, like The Incredible Hulk, have a 2.5” (65mm) base.

The tallest character, Hulk, stands 2¾” (70mm) tall.

The shortest character, Black Widow, is 1⅜” (35mm) tall.

How long are the Crisis Protocol templates?

Range Templates

Range 1 is found by using the width of the other rules, and it measures 1” (25mm).

Range 2 measures 3” (76mm) long.

Range 3 measures 6” (152mm) long.

Range 4 measures 8” (203mm) long.

Range 5 measures 10” (254mm) long.

Movement Templates

The short movement template is 3⅜” (86mm) long.

the medium movement template is 5” (127mm) long.

The long movement template is  7¼” (184mm) long.

Remember, they all have hinges in the middle.
This is everything we could slap a ruler on from the Crisis Protocol Core Set. The last thing needed is to make sure that whatever you’re building works with the deployment cards in the Core Set. We scanned them in below.

Deployment Terrain Cards Crisis Protocol Core Set

We hope it helps you get everything ready for what looks to be an incredible game and community!

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