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  • When the Transformers TCG first came out, we opened a box on stream and played using the cards we opened. You can watch the stream below, which includes us dancing around after we opened super rare […]

  • Definitely. Talked with a few locals last night about single-die Vader. Could be brutal!

  • Glad you enjoyed the blog and videos! I am hopeful that they reprint previous cards (ie…[Read more]

  • Earlier today FFG spoiled a new version of Darth Vader (Terror to Behold) that is releasing in Across the Galaxy and I haven’t been this excited about Star Wars Destiny since the moment the game ‘clicked’ for m […]

    • Glad you enjoyed the blog and videos! I am hopeful that they reprint previous cards (ie Mind Trick) and also adjust old cards (Original Vader, Jyn Erso, etc.) to include them in future sets. Some of the early cards and concepts of cards were great, just not designed with all the lessons learned since the game released.

    • New Vader looks great. I’ve been sticking to Trilogies so the first thing that comes to mind is eTalzin+Vader3. Lots of payoff for Witch Magick, Way of the Force and Dark Ritual.

  • My best uses so far are when I have a character with one health left. Trading my last…[Read more]

  • When I first started building this I thought I was building a ‘Starscream jets’ deck. After playing this weekend though, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

    A few weeks ago, on the weekly Covenant live stream, we […]

    • I don’t know hold sold I am on The Bigger They Are… , but I do like the general direction that you have taken. Really need to get my hands on Slipstream, I am currently running Thundercracker in his place. I really think running a full 3 Bombing Run would do well in this deck, however.

      • My best uses so far are when I have a character with one health left. Trading my last health for 3 direct damage (and often times a kill) on an untapped Transformer is incredible. It also opens up the ability to attack untapped Transformers if I can direct kill their only tapped Transformer, which can combo for two deaths in the same turn if it’s setup correctly.

        It does come at a high cost, but Slipstream being able to immediately move one over helps. If I have a unit with Piercing Blaster, I can usually do 6-8 unstoppable damage on any given turn.

  • After what felt like an eternity, Fantasy Flight Games posted their first Destiny preview article in nearly three months last week! Shortly after, we received a few Across the Galaxy spoilers mostly featuring […]

  • Warhammer has never been my thing.

    So if I had been walking around Gen Con by myself, I wouldn’t have given Warhammer Champions a second look. The art is exactly as expected for a Warhammer game, the card t […]

  • Jango can be tough, but he is ultimately a glass canon (especially if they use Snoke’s…[Read more]

  • Congrats on the top 8! I have always hoped they would stop adding action cheating to the…[Read more]

  • There are a lot of reasons I did not play Pryce!

    1. While playing her does give you…[Read more]

  • With the release of Way of the Force, Store Championship season in full swing, and the recent announcement of Across the Galaxy (Set 6), you would be hard pressed to find a more exciting time in the history of […]

    • Why did you choose anakin instead of Pryce? Pryce gives you access to a whole second color (red) and while She does make cards like force wave unplayable you can make up for it by playing upgrades like executioners axe instead. You have precisely 1 card with Spot blue on the text, and that is lack of faith, which just so happens to be unplayable when kylo2 is dead.

      Another strange deckbuilding decision is the lack of sound the alarm, the deck’s resource curve is quite high (a good approximation is to add up the resource cost of every card in the deck, ) and when you use that method you get a total deck cost of 34! Now overwriting upgrades pushes that number down. I figure dagger of Mortis and Heirloom saber are typically going to be overwriting a 1 cost upgrade (accounting for the times you don’t use it to overwrite), which takes the total cost of the deck down to around 31. Still, that number is significantly higher than guideline of a total cost of 24-26 . Each one of your characters has only 1 resource side, and both of them have pay sides on their character dice, which would imply an even lower curve.

      To answer the question above, No. Snoke is best when played with 2 other characters, with something like Mandalorian Super Commando/Snoke/Executioner. That way you have 17 health to snoke with rather than 12. At that point people seriously consider going after snoke, since it is extremely hard to actually kill all of snoke’s support. Bala/nightsister/(ciena or FN 2199) became insane partially because Nightsister could use her health to deal extra damage. Snoke’s ability is a much more powerful nightsister ability, which gets added to every character you control. While I’m not certain what the best snoke deck is, I think the best snoke deck will be playing 3 characters and be abusing that power action all the time.

      • There are a lot of reasons I did not play Pryce!

        1. While playing her does give you access to red cards, there were no red cards I felt were significantly better than the cards here (especially in Trilogies).
        2. She is a great character that dramatically increases your consistency. However resolving one of her dice as a special only adds 1 to your damage curve and only IF you control the battlefield. Meanwhile, resolve any of Anakin’s damage sides immediately adds 2 damage.
        3. While they don’t require spotting blue, Force Wave is unplayable on Pryce. Heirloom loses redeploy on Pryce.
        4. With Anakin and Kylo, putting an upgrade on Anakin can often be enough to convince opponents to attack him first. With Pryce, the decision is pretty obvious no matter where an upgrade goes.
        5. In the end game, I like Anakin better than Pryce. While she is slightly more consistent with her total damage, she is likely to do less damage than Anakin. She has a single 2 damage side, which means the odds of activating and showing 4 damage is only 1/36. With Anakin, those odds are 1/4.
        6. I also love quoting Anakin and Kylo when I play this deck. Pryce’s quotes are just a lot less fun for me!

        As for Sound the Alarm, I honestly just don’t like the card. I actually am only Luke warm on even Hidden Motive and I think a lot of players overrate both of those cards. In regards to the resource curve, 30 is what I aim for in most normal decks. Trilogies is a bit different though. The card pool is much smaller and I rarely expect to play every card in my hand in a Trilogies deck.

        I totally agree with you about Snoke! Pairing him with two other characters, preferably with one or both having resources and discard sides, is what I expect to be the most powerful use of him. When a new character like Snoke is released, a lot of players can see hype for them online and start including them in decks they don’t belong (like with Kylo 2).

    • Congrats on the top 8! I have always hoped they would stop adding action cheating to the game, but Tactical Mastery is the most acceptable version of it for me. Spending a card and a resource to gain two actions feels somewhat reasonable. I need to actually test Kylo + Snoke in standard constructed, but I strongly believe Kylo + Pryce is flat out better.

      • Yeah, Tactical Mastery is fine, but it still hurt to be on the receiving end of 9 extra actions. Holy mackerel…

        BTW: the other deck I lost to that day was a really cool eJango + eSnoke! That player came in 7th, also with a 3-2 record. That was the second time I lost to that deck, too.

        How are you supposed to deal with Jango? It’s tough when he uses his ability on my activation, b/c then his dice are just there, ready to be “snoked” for +2 damage, or, if he rolled resources, Bait and Switched to damage, *then* “snoked!”

        I guess you just stall, right? Play an upgrade. Play a support. Piddle around. Pass. Make him impatient and activate Jango the old-fashioned way?

      • Jango can be tough, but he is ultimately a glass canon (especially if they use Snoke’s ability). You ultimately just need to deal with him and fast. His odds of doing a ton of damage aren’t impressively high, but when it hits he can feel unbeatable.

  • I am a huge fan of Ahsoka Tano, so I have been looking for a way to get her on the table since she was released. Over the weekend, I streamed a handful of games playing Elite Ahsoka and Elite Yoda at the monthly […]

  • Before the Rivals Starter released, we started drafting at Covenant Tulsa using a home brewed draft format created for Destiny Weekend. With the announcement of The Covenant Masters event series, there were […]

    • Great write up and video Zach. I somehow missed this, but will be passing this to any friend I invite to come to draft with me in my local store.

  • Whether it was opening my first pack of Pokemon TCG cards or seeing Star Wars TCG cards on the table for the first time, there is something truly special about finding ‘your’ new game. For what seemed like months, […]

  • There is definitely some really interesting territory here though! I have been thinking a…[Read more]

  • Calling out specific characters really let’s them explore some fascinating territory.…[Read more]

  • I was at the Fantasy Flight Games GAMA panel earlier today when the fifth set of Star Wars: Destiny was announced. After squirming through the rest of the presentation live streaming from my phone, I finally got […]

    • I really like the “spot X character” mechanic, that’s a exciting place to take some of these cards in the game. I also enjoy how the cards are becoming a little beefier for less cost. Bo-Katan’s ability is a really interesting space to explore as well…we had Finn with it of course but her die is so good and at rare will be pretty easy to acquire too. Overall, I’m really excited for this set and what it’s going to bring to the game.

      • Bo’s die is pretty rocking as well – of everything we’ve seen in the preview, she is the first character I would explore right out of the gate. You can pair her with another ranged hero and go all blasters, or with a melee hero and go all sticks.

        And because of her ability, you should have better upgrades than other decks.

      • Not sure that she is 20pts worth of character though. We will see!

        Maybe eBo, and Yoda?

      • Calling out specific characters really let’s them explore some fascinating territory. Cannot wait to see where this game goes!

    • Not to pile on, but the character-specific cards in Destiny are so clutch because of exactly what you say here, Zach: They work with all cards, but are BETTER with the character specified. I distinctly remember the Decipher CCG having stronger restrictions on character equipment and weapons (i.e. Vader’s Lightsaber could only be deployed on Vader). It works thematically, but it also serves to create dead cards in your collection. This system allows you to use powerful cards from the jump, but then work to get the matching character to make them even better (if you so choose). FFG is definitely doing right with this game….looking forward to getting some more previews about what is to come.

      Awesome write-up!

    • This doesn’t have to do with Ways of the Force (but is relevant for ‘future products’)
      What if either FFG or a third party (@ y’all Team Covenant) sold Decks (characters+fitting battlefield+ 32 or so cards leaving some room for customization) that were specific to a story arc in the SW universe? Like a Rebels deck, with Hera and another member of the Ghost crew, The Ghost, Chopper, some events that show depictions of Rebels scenes ETC. Idk, just a thought. I play casual and I only have limited purchasing power. This would be a fun way to not go broke scavenging for cards, but also not tracking down singles online.

      • I feel like quite the fool BC this is essentially what Starter Sets are. But you get the gist. Be more Refined, so instead of having cards like Bamboozle and Maz’s vault in the Luke Starter Set, having something related to the OT and such

        • There is definitely some really interesting territory here though! I have been thinking a lot about story telling and campaign play lately. I would love to see FFG dive further into both.

      • That would be cool! I love “theme” decks! Maze + Chirrut + all their cool weapons vs. a hoard of Death Troopers, for example. Or Jyn + Cassian vs. Director Krennic and…another hoard of Death Troopers! Mace Windu vs Palpatine/Darth Sidious with Conflicted Anakin off to the side. Roll a d6 at the beginning of every round to see which side he chooses…There are all sorts of decks you could build that aren’t competitive tier 1 decks–maybe not even tier 3 decks–but they sure are fun!

  • Learning Destiny is a series of tutorial videos and blogs designed to teach the Star Wars: Destiny Collectible Card and Dice Game. If you are new to the Learning Destiny series, we recommend that you start with […]

  • Learning Netrunner is a series of videos and blogs to help you jump straight into the action of the Android: Netrunner as soon as you get your Core Sets. If you are new to the Learning Netrunner series, we […]

    • Played first game with this Adam deck v Weyland deck from this page.
      The corp got totally hammered…8:0. Have you played these two together?
      We we will have another try..maybe just crazy luck/bad luck combo..
      Congratulations on you superb videos.

      • Adam can put insane pressure on upfront, and Corp is pretty hard to play when you are learning. Weyland needs to protect their centrals and use Hunter Seeker to create scoring windows by trashing breakers.

        Snare! and Punitive Counterstrike are also very powerful cards against Adam, who tends to be pretty reckless. If that’s the angle, consider Hunter Seeker on Brain Chip. Remember that you can setup Punitive Counterstrike, Archived Memories, Punitive Counterstrike – getting more money than Adam is not terribly difficult so you can pull this off.

        Luckily Employee Strike doesn’t hit Skorpios very hard. Ultimately, Weyland needs to keep Adam poor and then find those scoring windows from lack of money to attack OR trashed programs. If you can land an Archer, you have a huge opportunity. Good luck ever breaking that with Mimic.

        You’ll generally be scoring points via Trick of Light or by installing right after a Hunter Seeker on whatever program Adam needs to hit the remote.

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