A King’s Reward! | A Game of Thrones – Prime Championship 2020 | January 25th, 2020


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Your chance to qualify for the final World Championship for A Game of Thrones is here! Come, revel in the spectacle that is A Game of Thrones, celebrating with friends new and old.

This event will follow all guidelines detailed by Fantasy Flight Games; its number of Swiss-style rounds, cut structure, and general operations are outlined here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/f5/eb/f5ebd9f7-1915-47e6-94ca-1fdab7e8605e/gt_tournament_regulations_v32_text_version.pdf

What to Bring:
Yourself! You also need to provide a deck using standard construction rules, all tokens necessary to play the game, and an appetite for fun.

When Is It:
This event begins at 11:00am on January 25th, 2020 and will last until all rounds have been played. The number of rounds aren’t static, so come prepared to stay as late as 8:00pm!

What You Get for Attending:
Top 8 of each faction receive a promotional character card. The top 4 of each faction receive additional promotional cards. The top 2 of each faction receive a full set of alt-art character cards. The top performer in each faction receives a playmat featuring their chosen house. The top 4 players in the event will receive an exclusive playmat and set of acrylic power tokens. The top two players in the event will receive a full set of alt-art character cards previously referenced. The winner of the event will receive an exclusive playmat, coin, Hand of the King pendant, and a reserved seat at the final A Game of Thrones World Championship. All participating members receive this season’s token!