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A vibrant, double-sided, paint-filled KeyForge-compatible set of Key, Damage, Power, Stun, and Chain tokens that fit perfectly into the vivid landscape of The Crucible!

Leave the cardboard behind and upgrade to a set of tokens that will last a lifetime and enhance every single moment of KeyForge. With Keys that function beautifully (instead of just “looking cool”), easily flippable Damage and Power tokens, Stun tokens that pop off of the board, and Chain tokens that clearly show each “tier” of draw, there is no better option!

Best when paired with an Amber Token Set! Interested in getting all of our Archon Tokens and a couple of practically-free KeyForge decks? Consider our Deluxe Starter Set!

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Product Description

When we approached this set, we knew that there were a number of problems we could solve. First and foremost, the keys had to not just feel and look extravagant (it is KEYforge, after all) – they had to function clearly and not be fiddly. Stun and Power needed to have a visceral presence on the board  (cards simply do not cut it!) and the latter needed to be capable of easily tracking multiple buffs since it happens so often in the game. Chains needed to not only have that same visceral presence, but feel heavy and, well, uncomfortable. Tracking a number on a reference card just does not give the impression of being restrained! And of course, Damage moving from three separate tokens to a single, easily flippable token was a given.

Additionally, we had to reinforce the "animated but not childish" KeyForge aesthetic. Bright colors and over-the-top personalities can easily slide into the realm of "silly", but after many iterations we finally honed in on the balance. Notice the slight "bubble" to each token, one of many features that subtly ties every Archon Token to the entities found in The Crucible.

We prototyped this set more than any other to make sure that we got it right. We hope you find it as uncompromising as we do!

This set includes the perfect number of non-Amber Archon Tokens for a single player – and potentially enough for two depending on the matchup! Includes:

15x Damage Tokens (double-sided, paint-filled)
9x Stun Tokens (double-sided, paint-filled)
9x Power Tokens (double-sided, paint-filled)
7x Chain Tokens (double-sided, paint-filled)
1x Blue Key (double-sided, paint-filled)
1x Red Key (double-sided, paint-filled)
1x Yellow Key (double-sided, paint-filled)

Here are a few more reasons why we love them:

  • Art-forward design creates a more engaging story, every time
  • Laser-cut to exceedingly precise measurements, with intricate border textures
  • Engraved and hand-filled with high-contrast paint on both sides
  • Striking colors provide easy recognition and comprehension at a glance
  • Will not bend, warp, or fade over time
  • Made from the highest quality acrylic available
  • Designed in-house at Covenant in Tulsa, OK
  • Manufactured in small batches in Tulsa, OK

Every token is covered with adhesive protective paper to prevent cosmetic damage during shipment, so peel them before use! The appearance of your tokens may vary ever so slightly from the renderings and images shown here due to color variations in displays, cameras, and acrylic.

Archon Tokens are third-party accessories produced and sold exclusively by us, Team Covenant. Though compatible with KeyForge and similar games, they are not associated with or officially endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games or any other entity.

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