Covenant Masters – Destiny Draft Qualifier – August 18th, 2018


  • August 18th, 2018
  • Each registration gains entry for one player
  • Registration includes all packs necessary to draft  (18 packs)
  • Players will draft Way of the Force
  • Registration is transferable but non-refundable
  • Players are required to have a Rivals Draft Set and all components necessary to play
  • You must register by Monday, August 13th to receive your participation prizes

Consider joining us for our Star Wars: Destiny Store Championship on Sunday, August 19th (the day after this Masters event). The event starts at 10AM to give travelers plenty of time to play in both the Masters and Store Championship and still get home at a reasonable time! Make it a full weekend of Destiny Draft and Constructed!

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Product Description

Purchase of this item is good for one entry at the Covenant Masters – Destiny Draft Qualifier at Covenant Tulsa on Saturday, August 18th, 2018.

The Destiny Draft Qualifier is a swiss-style draft event consisting of 9 rounds. Players draft new decks every 3 rounds, but maintain their standings. This means that throughout the event all participants play and draft with players of similar skill level.

After all Swiss rounds, the Top 6 players convene for a final 3-round draft. This final draft is designed for spectator enjoyment and interaction. Get ready to root for your favorite player(s) and learn from their drafting strategies!

Pre-registration is required for this event, but note that registration is non-refundable. Participation prizes will not be reserved if you are unable to attend.

Follow #CovenantMasters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to catch every update leading up to the event, and join the Facebook event directly to connect with attendees before the fun begins. Major announcements will also be sent out via email, so make sure that the address you list at checkout is correct!

Covenant Masters Schedule

5:00pm – Doors open and warm-up drafting begins
11:00pm – Doors close

9:00am – Doors open and mandatory check-in begins
9:45am – Check-in ends
10:00am – Tournament begins
~6:00pm – Dinner break
10:00pm – Tournament concludes, doors close

Friday is all about relaxing, practicing, and meeting other Destiny players! If you are new to the game or want to bring friends who have never played (which you should!), this is the perfect time for them to learn how to play and how to draft. Grab a pint and get some games in!

Saturday will be a laid back tournament atmosphere, with a focus on participation and community. Those wishing to test themselves will have the opportunity to pursue a spot in the Top 6 and a paid entry into the Destiny Draft Championship later this year! Additional prizes will be distributed randomly throughout the tournament rounds, and players generally gather together for dinner at the conclusion of the event.

Sunday is not a part of the event, but we are also hosting a Destiny Store Championship starting at 10AM! Make a weekend out of it and enjoy some Constructed before you leave!


All Participants
Set of Limited Edition Damage Tokens, Limited Edition Deck Box, Pack of Sleeves, 25 League Points*

Top 36
Set of Limited Edition Shield Tokens

Top 18
Set of Limited Edition Resource Tokens

Top 6
Paid Entry to the Covenant Masters – Destiny Draft Championship, Limited Edition Acrylic Character Board, 25 League Points*

Champion-Exclusive Wooden Character Board, 25 League Points*

Additional prizes will be distributed throughout the tournament!

*Members who attend our events earn League Points! Non-local participants are welcome to join in order to spend their points on special prizes! To find out more, visit our League page.


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