Booster Box Promo Bundle Set 1 & Set 2 Unlimited (PRE-ORDER)

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  • Cold Foil promos
  • Unlimited edition


Out of stock

This is a limited time pre-order for the remainder of our Booster Box Promo Bundles. Boxes are from the new Unlimited edition of Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising. Expected fulfillment is late November.

We’ve worked out an incredible offering with Legend Story Studios! This bundle includes a booster box of the Unlimited version of the first two sets – Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising – along with two random Cold Foil weapon promos from those sets. The Cold Foils look incredible, and really drive home how beautiful the entire Flesh and Blood play experience is.

But it’s actually even better, because we’ll be making sure that you do not get duplicate promos in the same order. If you buy one of this bundle, you will get two different Cold Foil weapon promos. If you buy two of this bundle, you’ll get four different Cold Foil weapon promos. Three of this bundle is six different Cold Foil weapon promos, and four of this bundle means you’re guaranteed to get the full set of eight promo Cold Foil weapons in the game! Note: This guarantee only applies to individual orders. If you buy a bundle now, then buy one an hour later, we will not be able to guarantee a non-random distribution.

The Cold Foil weapons from the first set are Romping Club, Anothos, Harmoized Kodachi, and Dawnblade.

The Cold Foil weapons from the second set are Teklo Plasma Pistol, Death Dealer, Nebula Blade, and Crucible of Aetherweave.

These promos are terribly hard to find in the States, so we’re happy to bring them within reach – especially as you build your Flesh and Blood collection and get caught up on the current card pool! We can’t wait to dive into this one. It’s gorgeous, and the gameplay is truly unique. Be sure to follow along on YouTube as we stream our journey – which will undoubtedly include cracking packs and deckbuilding!

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