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KeyForge is an incredibly fresh concept for a game, falling somewhere between a traditional collectible card game and a “buy it once and play it right out of the box” board game. Every deck that you buy has a randomized assortment of cards that is controlled by an algorithm designed to make playable combinations. The assortment of cards in any deck that you buy is fully unique; it will never be replicated in any other deck. Each deck also has a procedurally generated, fully unique avatar and name.

In this way, every single deck is unique. There is no deck-building, collecting, or constructing of any kind. Buy a deck, open it up, play it – a very exciting paradigm shift for all of us at Covenant. We are thrilled to see a more casual approach to card games with a low barrier of entry, a huge appeal to non-gamers, and a vast feeling of exploration and discovery.

From Fantasy Flight Games:

Enter a world where anything is possible in KeyForge! Here in the world’s first Unique Deck Game, two players become Archons racing to forge keys that unlock the hidden vaults of the Crucible, an artificial world built from pieces of countless planets. With an incredible array of creatures, artifacts, and abilities, no two decks are alike, and no two battles will ever be the same!

Playing with the KeyForge: Call of The Archons starter set is only the beginning of your adventures. You can expand your arsenal with Call of the Archons Archon Decks, each of which offers a full play experience without the need of deckbuilding or boosters. Each Archon Deck is completely one-of-a-kind and cannot be altered ensuring that you’ll use every faction in your deck to achieve victory. Every Call of the Archons Archon Deck features a distinct name and Archon, and is filled with a singular mix of cards, tactics, and strategic potential. In each pack, you will find an opportunity- the chance to become the best in the world at playing your decks. Will your teams have the strength, skills, and cunning to win the day?

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