Archon Supplement Set | Limited Edition


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The ideal complement to our Archon Tokens or as a standalone addition to your KeyForge games, our custom Power, Armor and Ward/Enrage tokens help you perfectly capture the state of the game – so decision making is unhindered and accurate for both players.

All tokens are double-sided and paint-filled, with Power having +1/+3 sides and Armor having +1/+2 sides in order to most easily track the abilities and buffs available in the current card pool. The Ward/Enrage token has a shimmering blue Ward design on one side and a foreboding orange Enrage design on the other, clearly tracking those statuses.

The Archon Token Supplement Set contains:
10x +1/+2 Armor Token (double-sided, paint-filled)
10x +1/+3 Power Token (double-sided, paint-filled)
10x Ward/Enrage Token (double-sided, paint-filled)

Tokens are covered with adhesive protective paper to prevent cosmetic damage during shipment, so peel them before use! The appearance of all components may vary slightly from the renderings and images shown here due to color variations in displays, cameras, and materials.

Designed and produced with unshakable care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and perfectly compatible with KeyForge.

Covenant Components are third-party accessories produced and sold exclusively by us, Team Covenant. They are not associated with or officially endorsed by any other entity.