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Everyone who pre-orders a Marvel Champions Core Set through us will receive our exclusive strategy guide filled with multiple decklists for each hero, rules clarifications, tactical advice, and everything else useful that we learn during our early experience with the game. We’ll send it out via PDF on release day!

We’ve been hoping for a cooperative, superhero living card game for years, and Marvel Champions is set to deliver beyond our wildest expectations. The official Marvel license, set in the Silver Age, with four distinct ways to build and play every hero – it certainly sounds like a dream come true.

This Core Set is an evolution from FFG’s usual approach. You only need one copy to get a full play set (all of the available cards at their max quantities), and it contains four pre-built, fully-playable decks. It’s exactly what it needs to be – an up-to-four-player, replayable cooperative experience right out of the box – and the strategy guide we’re including in every pre-order will make it even easier!

Unlike other online retailers, we ship pre-orders on a timeline designed to get them to your door on release day – because we know it’s important. Of the pre-orders we shipped in the past year, 91% hit that delivery goal.

Be aware that we have a limited number of Core Sets available for pre-order, and the strategy guide will only be available through these Core Sets – it will not be sold separately.

For more information about the game as we learn it, including live streams of gameplay, card breakdowns, and more, bookmark our Learning Marvel Champions series!