Morphin Token Set | Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

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Frankly, we could not resist the opportunity to design a product so intimately tied to our youth, and dedicated many hours of research (what a burden to watch so many Rangers episodes!) to find the subtle concepts and visuals that create the undoubtedly unique feel of this setting. It was an incredible amount of fun to rediscover those memories while playing a game that brings it all back in an oh-so-satisfying way, and our goal with this token set is to perfectly transmit that feeling to anyone using them.

Final Quantities
15x Energy Token (double-sided)
12x Action Token (double-sided)
12x Damage Token (double-sided)
3x Panic Token (3 pieces, 3D)
1x Lead Ranger Token
1x Experience Tracker

Perfectly compatible with Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and any other game taking place in the Power Rangers universe.