Multiplayer 3×3 Covenant Playmat – Linework Edition (SECURE PRE-ORDER)

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This is a secure pre-order. Returns, refunds, and cancellations are not available for secure pre-orders. We will print directly to our pre-order numbers. Note that this is a pre-order, so you will be charged at checkout (unlike a subscription). Pre-orders close Oct. 3. Shipping expected 2-4 weeks after.

Having run our stream playmat through its paces and enjoyed it thoroughly – especially for centering cameras and clearly marking player zones – we’ve decided (with the persistent prompting from folks on stream and Discord) to create a limited edition version for purchase!

We’ve made improvements past the first iteration that you’ll find on our stream, adding minimal logo work and additional lines in useful places. It’s an excellent “neutral” background for playing and streaming, while also ideal for keeping multiplayer games tidy.

We’ll be printing to pre-orders and not creating any extra for general sale, so getting a pre-order in is the only way to get this one for now.