Pokemon TCG Booster Box Subscription (Free Shipping 2+)

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You have found the single easiest way to get the latest Pokemon cards as soon as they release.

When a new set comes out, we automatically charge you $89 + shipping and send you a brand new, sealed Booster Box, which contains 36 Booster Packs. That’s less than $2.50 per pack, better than most any price you’ll find, and it all happens without any effort on your end.

To make things even more convenient, we’ve spent the past 8 years perfecting our subscription logistics so that domestic packages arrive on release day 91% of the time – and that percentage continues to improve. We are faster than any other online retailer.

Want multiple boxes? Just add the quantity that you’d like and we’ll send you that many boxes. If you sign up for two or more boxes, shipping is free in the United States.

There’s no cost to start and you can cancel and/or rejoin anytime. No fees. No contracts. No hidden stuff. You activate your subscription, we charge you ~2 weeks before a new set releases, and then we send you the goods. This continues for as long as your subscription is active. Cancel it if you’re no longer interested, and re-activate it to start receiving boxes again.

This all started with our annoyance at keeping up with the various products we needed to play the games that we love (Pokemon being one of them), so we built a system to handle it automatically. Thousands of subscribers now rely on Covenant Subscriptions year after year, and we are extremely proud of the reputation we’ve built with the service.

You will not be charged when checking out. Purchasing this product simply activates your subscription.