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It is very much known that Pokemon supply is incredibly tight, and uncertainty across the chain has gone up. We’re adjusting the price of this subscription over time to make sure it is always at a reasonable market rate.

Please be aware that allocation and shortages are guaranteed across all retailers. Because of this, we will only process subscriptions after we have confirmed our supply. If product shortages impact your subscription, you will not be charged.

You have found the single easiest way to get every new standard set that releases for Pokemon TCG, automatically, as soon as it releases – without the hassle of pre-payment, spotty availability, or glacial fulfillment times.

Want multiple boxes? Just select the quantity that you’d like and we’ll send you that many boxes. If you sign up for two or more boxes, shipping is free in the United States via UPS.

You will not be charged when checking out. Purchasing this product simply activates your subscription. This subscription only serves standard booster box sets, not “special collections” and similar.