Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Expansion Subscription

  • Exclusive Panic tokens

$110.00 / release

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Next release: Zeo Gold Character Pack, Zeo Ranger Pack, Tommy Oliver Pack, Mega Goldar Deluxe Figure
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Every subscriber will receive three exclusive, custom Zeo Panic token (different from those found in the Morphin Token Set) in the next subscription shipment!

Love Power Rangers and interested in getting every expansion that releases for the game, without the hassle of pre-orders, stock issues, and pre-payment? You’re in the right place.

Checkout with this subscription to activate it, then we will charge and ship all future Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansions (anything hitting shelves after launch day) right to your door. The best part? They arrive to US customers on release day or just a little after (depending on how USPS is feeling).

Easy, fast, reliable – there is no better way to keep up with your favorite games. Just ask the thousands of subscribers who have relied on Covenant Subscriptions year after year to simplify their tabletop experience.

You will not be charged when checking out. Purchasing this product simply activates your subscription. If you would like more than one copy of every product sent through your subscription, increase the quantity of this subscription to your desired amount per release.

Note: Power Rangers is likely to have a variety of expansions, so weight and price may change (we do this on our end, so no action will ever be required from you). Whatever the expansions ultimately cost, your subscription will always be shipped at the cheapest USPS rate.