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Game of Thrones is entering the next stage of its life cycle, with less frequent, sporadic releases in the form of Premium Packs. We expect Premium Packs to be released if/when a notable Game of Thrones occurrence happens – like the launch of a new HBO mini-series or, heaven forbid, George finishing the books.

Learn more about Premium Packs on the FFG website. The first pack The Things We Do For Love, is an amazing homage to 1st edition Thrones. Outstanding memories, and a beautiful way to mark the end of consistent releases for Second Edition.

With this subscription, we charge you $19.95 plus USPS First Class shipping (around $4-$5 in the continental US) two before a Game of Thrones: The Card Game Premium Pack releases, and then ship your Premium Pack to the shipping address you list at checkout. You will not be charged when checking out.

Products are shipped on or before their official release date. If you would like more than one of each Premium Pack, increase the quantity of this subscription to your desired amount per release. Multiple Premium Packs are shipped together via USPS Priority Mail.