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You have found the single easiest way to get new SolForge Fusion Booster Displays (a display is 4x Booster Kits, which is 16x Unique Decks), automatically, as soon as a new set releases – without the hassle of pre-payment, spotty availability, or glacial fulfillment times, and with an exclusive promo.

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Stone Blade Entertainment had their first major success with the Ascension Deckbuilding Game, spinning that success into a Kickstarter in 2012 for one of the first digital trading card games – SolForge – with a noteworthy design collaboration with none other than Richard Garfield (Magic, Netrunner, KeyForge, etc) and CEO Justin Gary (Magic Pro Tour champ).

The “cards level up as you play them” mechanic was pretty revolutionary at the time (arguably still the case) and the game picked up a very dedicated fan base; with a few of our staff members among them. SolForge was ultimately shut down due to cost scalability issues, with CEO Justin Gary publicly stating that it was 5x more expensive to develop than what was collected during its Kickstarter.

Now, Justin and Stone Blade are bringing it back as a physical game called SolForge Fusion, with the addition of unique, algorithmically generated decks – the kind first seen in KeyForge. Supporting a new, non-collectible, unique deck game with Richard Garfield in the mix and the support of a solid, dedicated publisher is a no-brainer for us, especially after playing game after game with early demo decks.

We’ve worked out a dedicated retail partnership with Stone Blade as they start their journey with SolForge Fusion. This subscription establishes the most stable and convenient channel for players to automatically pick up every new set of SolForge Fusion, with an exclusive promo card to boot. We include one promo card with each SolForge Fusion Booster Display shipped via this subscription (these special cards will not be available through any other retailer).

You’ll receive one promo for every display in your subscription. Three displays, three promos. Six displays, six promos. To make it even better, any subscription with two or more displays will ship for free in the United States via UPS.

We’re thrilled to be offering a new game in the unique deck space, especially with KeyForge in its current hiatus. We believe SolForge Fusion to be the next evolution of the model, especially with the combine-two deck customization feature and the vision and experience of both Gary and Garfield. Sign up and enjoy the journey!