Across the Galaxy Saga Set (Pre-Order, Ships Within 1 Week of Release)

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Wanting to play Star Wars: Destiny but turned off by the randomness and uncertainty of booster packs? This is the set for you! Saga Sets include the following for a set of Star Wars: Destiny:

1 x each legendary card (Hero, Villain, and Neutral, dice included)
2 x each rare, uncommon, and common card (Hero, Villain and Neutral, dice included)

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Product Description

  • The entire Across the Galaxy set of Star Wars: Destiny mailed right to your door
  • Delivered faster than ever
  • Incredible value (historically worth $375-$500 as singles)
  • Easiest way to collect Star Wars: Destiny
  • No time spent opening, organizing, or trading
  • Non-random, perfect distribution, guaranteed
  • Play the decks you enjoy on day one
  • Clear timetables on product listing
  • Created in-house at Covenant Tulsa

There are few things as disappointing as buying a mountain of booster packs and not getting the cards you want. Our Star Wars: Destiny Saga Sets take the “chase” out of the game and allow you to dive right into the action with the characters you love! No frustration. No disappointment. No incomplete decks.

A Saga Set ensures that you get a copy of every single card found in the Across the Galaxy booster boxes – one (1) of each legendary card (one die per card) and two (2) of each rare (one die per card), uncommon, and common – which means endless deck building possibilities. To get a similar spread with any kind of certainty would require at least four Booster Boxes, or $428 MSRP! And we all know how the certainty of Booster Boxes works…

You can even grab a second Saga Set to get a full playset of Across the Galaxy, guaranteed

Skip the chase, and fully jump into Across the Galaxy from day one.

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4 reviews for Across the Galaxy Saga Set (Pre-Order, Ships Within 1 Week of Release)

  1. 4 out of 5


    We were so excited to get this set! Great value for all the cards you get. Packaging could be a little better. Two small packs of cards were jammed against the dice and I have six cards that got pretty bent up. Fortunately none of them were legendaries, so not a huge deal. Thanks Team Covenant!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Saga Sets are the ONLY way to go for me! It makes life so much easier to have these cards available immediately rather than having to go through a time consuming process of chasing down or trading cards to maybe get what you need. Hats off to Team Covenant for taking the time and effort to create these sets for the players.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Excellent product from a company that truly cares about gamers. Always expect the best service in the industry from Covenant.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I purchased saga sets for Legacies and Way of the Force, and, for me, this is the only way to go! I really appreciate having ALL the cards, without having to purchase multiple random boxes, then spend more $ at my LGS or online to obtain the Legendaries I didn’t get…not to mention dealing with being overrun by excessive copies of commons. Saves a TON of time. By purchasing a saga set, you truly do get to spend more time playing and less time shopping.

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