Warhammer Champions Saga Set | Savagery (Pre-Order, Ships by Release)

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This is a pre-order item! It will ship out on or before the street date of Savagery. Pre-orders will close on February 21st! This is a short pre-order window, so get in if you want to get up to date with Savagery!

Wanting to play Warhammer Champions but turned off by the randomness and uncertainty of booster packs? This is the set for you! A Champions Saga Set includes the following from the Savagery set of Warhammer Champions.

-1 copy of each unique Champion
-1 copy of each Blessing
-2 copies of each non-unique Champion
-3 copies of every Action card*
– All cards are unclaimed, and ready to be scanned into the app

*In Savagery, there are 7 art variations of the Festering Nurglings card. A Saga Set will include three random copies of the card, which may or may not be different variations.

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Product Description

Buying a Champions Saga Set means that you will have a full playset – every card, every faction – of the Savagery set of Warhammer Champions as soon as it hits shelves. This Saga Set ships by the street date of Savagery, so your cards will arrive instantly!

  • A complete playset of Savagery mailed right to your door
  • Easiest way to collect Warhammer Champions
  • Fantastic value, no disappointment
  • Perfect distribution, guaranteed
  • No time spent opening, organizing, or trading
  • Play your favorite decks on day one
  • Created in-house at Covenant Tulsa
  • Limited quantities

We started creating Saga Sets for Star Wars: Destiny in 2016, and have consistently heard from players who find them invaluable for keeping up up with the game. Given this feedback, we decided to offer them for Warhammer Champions!

There are few things as disappointing as buying a mountain of booster packs and not getting the cards you want. Our Warhammer Champions Saga Sets take the random “chase” out of the game and allow you to dive right into the action with the Champions, Blessings, and Units you want to play! No frustration. No disappointment. No incomplete decks.

A Champions Saga Set ensures that you get an entire playset of every single card found in the booster boxes – one (1) of each unique Champion, one (1) of each Blessing, two (2) of each non-unique Champion and 3 of every action card in the set* – which means endless deck building possibilities. To get a similar spread with any kind of certainty would require at least four Booster Boxes, or $384 MSRP. And we all know how the certainty of Booster Boxes works…

You only need one Saga Set to get everything you need for Warhammer Champions, guaranteed! Skip the frustration and wasted time, and get the entire third set of Warhammer Champions with a single purchase.

*In Savagery, there are 7 art variations of the Festering Nurglings card. A Saga Set will include three random copies of the card, which may or may not be different variations.

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1 review for Warhammer Champions Saga Set | Savagery (Pre-Order, Ships by Release)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I know it may seem pre-mature to rate a product that has yet to release, but feel free to read my explanation and I hope that my experiences with Team Covenant will help guide you if this is an item you are thinking of purchasing…

    Having spent a significant amount of money buying booster box after booster box for several cycles of Star Wars Destiny, I can understand the challenges that collectible card games present. This is especially true for those who like to have a complete set of cards for each cycle. Unfortunately, this method of buying booster boxes also meant I had a large number of duplicates for cards that have no real value in the secondary market.

    With the Saga Sets that Team Covenant creates for Star Wars Destiny, they have made it so much easier to get the cards that collectors want without all the duplicates that we don’t. And, given the inherent savings that the guys provide for these Saga Sets, it really makes this a great choice. I began by purchasing my first Saga Set with the Way of the Force cycle and was so impressed that I have already placed my pre-order for the Across the Galaxy cycle. The cards arrived ahead of Teams Covenant’s estimations (I ordered the Way of the Force to ship within two-weeks of release and got it in a little over a week after release) and everything was in perfect condition. The cards were separated from the dice and packaged carefully to ensure that the items would arrive it the best condition possible.

    Because of my terrific experience with Team Covenant’s Destiny Saga Sets and their other products so far (their tokens are fantastic!), I have chosen to pre-order the reprint of the first cycle of Warhammer Champions: Age of Sigmar. This will allow me to have all the cards for each faction within the cycle. Take it from an extremely satisfied customer that has purchased a lot of items from this company, Team Covenant is doing expandable games the right way and we are the beneficiaries of their passion for what they do!

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