Welcome to Monarch Unlimited – Booster Case Promo Bundle

  • "Gift with purchase" promos
  • 2018 Ira Welcome deck


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Limit 1 per customer. Each bundle contains:
4x Monarch Unlimited Booster Box (sealed case)
4x Monarch “Gift With Purchase” full art promo cards
—1 of each; Chane, Levia, Prism, Boltyn
1x 2018 Ira Welcome Deck

Looking for a good time to finally dive into Flesh and Blood or just needing a few more boxes or promos to finish up your Monarch playsets? We’ve put together a fantastic bundle that might just do the trick.

This offering came together through a wild series of events, but the long and short of it is this:

  1. We did not get the Gift with Purchase promos upfront because we were told that, like the Buy a Box promos, they were only available for brick and mortar sales.
  2. Either the distribution policy for the promos changed in the lead up to Monarch Unlimited, or we were given inaccurate information at the time (or both).
  3. A pack of Gift with Purchase promos (and a nice message!) arrived in our latest FAB shipment.
  4. The promos arrived after subscriptions/early orders had been fulfilled.
  5. We looked at sending the promos separately to subscribers, but were short 75% of the total promos we would need to do so.
  6. We still had a few 2018 Ira Decks that are now weirdly a collector’s item.

Given these factors, we decided to build a bundle that would be 1) the most cost effective way for anyone without the full set of promos to get them and 2) a nice entry point for anyone ready to jump into Flesh and Blood with Monarch Unlimited – a sentiment we see pretty often on stream.

The price reflects 4x Monarch Unlimited boxes at MAP of $76.60 each.