Yellow Beam Cosmic Board | Limited Edition


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Mutant Genesis deserved to be celebrated in a big way, but the eternal question presented itself – blue or yellow? We figured, why not both?

Beaming yellow resin and an ultra-thematic design – backed with blue felt – brings you right back into the animated series, the comics, and now, Marvel Champions.

1x Yellow Beam Cosmic Board

Please do note that the blue felt backing the Yellow Beam Cosmic Board is darker than the blue resin used in the Blue Steel Cosmic Board. It’s the closest we could get, and still looks great.

The appearance of all components may vary slightly from the renderings and images shown here due to color variations in displays, cameras, and materials.

Designed and produced with unshakable care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and perfectly compatible with the Marvel Champions LCG.

Covenant Components are third-party accessories produced and sold exclusively by us, Team Covenant. They are not associated with or officially endorsed by any other entity.